Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Beautiful - dust - rain

Monday morning was beautiful. Blue sky, slight ocean breeze. Looked like it would be a perfect day in paradise.
So we drove over to Torres to have breakfast - what better way to start a day. Listened to the ocean. And the ocean was different today, it looked like it had scallops of a lighter colored water 
The fruit man came by with his colorful cups of fruit that he carries on his head. 
 It is still on his head, just a lower part of the  beach. 
Back out to the car and drove up to the beach - which is right next to Torres and just across from the RV park. But there was a reason we drove. Guess who had one of his drones in the car.
While he was setting up I was reading the signs on the beach. I like the one "no swimming in heavy clothing." Good advice. 
This is a little harder to read. The first one says "do not remove fish, stones or sand from the beach." We see fishermen there all the time. No campfires, no littering, no fishing in swimming areas, no fueling boats in area and do not catch or chase wildlife. About the only wildlife around here are party goers. No glass containers, no vehicles, no throwing cigarette butts on sand. Don't bother the turtles. Turtles? Respect swimming areas and pick up pets poop. I wonder if everyone reads these signs. I remember the car stuck in the sand on this beach last year. 
Some pictures of the area from the drone. This is the drone that was taking the washed out pictures last week. Yesterday we played with the camera settings, reset them to original and thankfully it worked. Took good pics today. The Torres Hotel. Large white building in the far left background is the Convention center way behind us. 
 More of Torres.
 Looking down the beach towards Mazatlan. See the man walking on the beach, it is the fruit man.
 I was wondering how good the camera/picture was so I cropped the fruit man out of the pic above. Still looks pretty good. Drone was a couple of hundred feet up.
 Looking north towards Cerritos. Big beaches with few people on them. 
 Looking at Torres again. 
 Back home - the shovel, dump trucks and bulldozer are all working right at the fence. Lots of dust in the air. And lots of noise.
What a racket.
Looked out front and saw some rain clouds heading our way. Looked like it was raining just south east of us. 
Rolled up the carpets and pulled the chairs under the awning and sure enough about 20 minutes later we got rain. Not very much, but enough to make it humid. 
 The work continues closer and closer to the fence.
 Until last week this entire fence was covered in vines and bushes. And we couldn't see anything but trees. Progress???
 Watching paradise being subdued.
Today we will get away from the noise and dust for a while. After breakfast out we are taking a group of fellow RVers to La Noira etc. Going to be cloudy all day though.  .

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