Thursday, December 21, 2017

Flowers, horses and food.

7:30 a.m. and all the machines are already at work around us in the fields. And one bird has been pecking on and looking in the window for about 1/2 hour. Guess he is trying to tell me something. But he can just wait until I'm ready to go outside. 
Today we are taking a tour of the big Pacifico Brewery here in Mazatlan. But probably no pictures as I've read there are no cameras allowed. Also have to wear long pants and closed shoes. Good thing we each brought jeans and leather tennis shoes. Going to take a taxi over there. [We got to the brewery and found out leather tennis shoes wouldn't work. Needed REAL shoes???] Since neither of us brought REAL shoes guess we won't get to take the tour this year. 
Yesterday I posted a blog but did it in the evening - lazy. 
But back to Tuesday's day trip. We of course took our tourists to the tequila distillery. There is a new sign on the way in. Field of young agave plants. 
The bougainvillea are spectacular entering the facility. 
Even more inside
I need to find out the species of this tree. Keep forgetting to do it. At one time I knew it. Might check back on my blogs to see if I looked it up. 
Mainly I took pictures of the plants. Not much to say about the process of making the tequila. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks they will be cooking and shredding some "pinas" and we will try to be there then. 
Great colors all over. 
And of course a stop at the dancing horse trainers. Same two horses we saw a week or so ago. 

This is a magnificent one. Look how big he is. 
Yesterday morning half the campground was standing outside watching the dump trucks being loaded. Most times half the load poured down the side of the trucks and onto the ground. They have switched into high gear now. Just hope the wind doesn't pick up. 
After being amused by the trucks and feeding the birds we headed to Centro. Just the other day I'd mentioned to Bill that we hadn't seen "the guy who walks the dogs." Then managed to just catch a picture of him on the Malecon as we drove by. The dogs are all the same - all black and fluffy. I think there are about nine of them. He is a fixture in Mazatlan. 
We drove across town to check out where the Brewery was. Very busy street.
Then on to lots of little streets, here we are going the wrong way on a one way street. Didn't see any markings saying one way. But kind of figured it out by the parked cars. Oh well. Glad there wasn't any traffic. 
Going the right way on this colorful street. 
Two years ago this building's exterior was completely restored. And also some work was done inside it. Since then it has been unused. What a shame. 
Putting in more of the lights in the sidewalks. Just outside the watchmakers shop. Bill's watches still aren't ready - next week...
Before the ban on destroying the original buildings this monstrosity was built - now it is empty and for sale. Wonder what was there before? It looks completely empty. 
Stopped at Plazuela Machado to watch the boat tourists and had lunch at Machado Grill. Fish and chips and cole slaw. Very good. We both had the same thing and I had ice tea and Bill had Fresca. Bill 300 pesos - US$15. Credit machine wasn't working but the owner was there and we could pay in cash. The night before the same meal cost us 620 pesos   - US$33 - in the Torres restaurant. Only difference was we got veggies instead of cole slaw. No more fish and chips over there. 
He is still working on this, almost to the corner. See the white bucket on the right side of him. He just pulled it up to the scaffold it is full of cement. The guy on the ground mixes it. 
And that was all we did that was interesting. Took no pictures at all Thursday. Thought I'd have something to say about the tour...

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