Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Morning walk

Got up early Tuesday morning - in time to see the one day after full moon still up in the sky.  And to watch the beautiful sunrise that is now the header picture. 
 I mentioned I'd started to wear my FitBit again - for anyone who doesn't know - it keeps track of how many steps I do in a day. Lately it has been darn few. So because I was up and Bill had gone back to bed because he was COLD I decided to take a walk. Some sights I saw along the way. One of the hotel across the street has this Christmas tree made out of poinsettias. Very pretty. 
 A new subdivision is getting ready to be built. It might even be the one that will end up behind the RV park. They are still clearing brush back behind us. We can hear the bulldozer every day and see the piles of brush stacking up. They have pulled a trailer in here and are now building a modern looking facade on the front of it. Easier and faster than building a whole building. 
 A look from the front. 
 Really have to keep your eyes on the sidewalk when walking along here. 
 I didn't go as far as I'd thought I would before I turned back. Good thing as my legs were wanting to get home. I did manage 1.94 miles. A lot better then I've been doing. Will gradually increase my walks. Some pretty morning glories along the way. 
I hate to admit it but when I got home I took a nap! Later in the afternoon we went to the mall where Bill got some graphics made for the Jeep. Some of the ones on the windows are starting to peel so he'll replace them. While he was doing that I walked around the mall. So by the end of the day I'd done just over 8000 steps. 
A short video of what it is beginning to look like behind us. I sure hope we don't get any wind as all that is loose dirt. 
Today we'/re going over to Centro to check out all the work that has been done on the Malecon in that area. 

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