Sunday, October 30, 2022


For those of you crossing at Nogales truck route here is some info. Not many changes from last year. From the RV park (DeAnzo RV) in Amado we took the 19 south to the International Border. Be sure you have purchased insurance for all your vehicles before getting to the border. 
Exit four is the exit to take.
The Truck Route 

The new overpass has been completed Big yellow sign follow it. If you miss it - don't worry you just end up on the old road. 
Reaching the border. If you are in any kind of RV  Motorhome, trailer, 5th wheel take the truck lane. There was no one on the US side to check anything the day we went through. On the day I took the pictures we were in the Jeep so went through the car lanes. 
Into Mexico. Stay to the right of the double yellow lines, they are for oncoming traffic. 
Getting close to the first toll booth. 
Toll booth
After the toll booth be sure to stay to the left of the little divider. And slow down, there is one part that is very narrow.
See what I mean. You go between the post and the divider. Yes with your RV
Going into Mexican Customs again narrow and two mean speed bumps / topes. The first one in this picture will launch you into space if you hit it fast.
That car is at the second one. 
In an RV you want to go to the RIGHT to the bus lane - there are two of them.  Usually a couple of marines will come out and ask you to pull over. This year they wanted to see our registrations for both the Jeep and the RV.  We were told they WERE NOT making flat towed cars unhook and go through separate like they did last year. 
On down the highway. A couple of Topes where there were vendors beside the road. Slow down. 
When you see this road going off to the right (DO NOT TAKE IT) you are getting close to KM21.
Getting closer. 
See the tower - almost to turn off. 
This is it - easy to miss as it just looks like a dirt pull off. Before the sign. Slow way down - very rough to go through. 
Pullinto the lot, there is plenty of room to park a big rig. 
Your first stop is the little building in the center with the double doors. You will get your Tourist Cards there. However you will probably have to stand in a line to the right under the roof. They only let two or three people in at a time. 

After you get your tourist cards FMM - need passport to get them. You pay for the Tourist Cards when they issue them. Stop at the copy shed to make a copy of the tourist card of who ever will be getting the TIP for the vehicle. We use a credit card - it is in Bill's name. For us the paper work for the Jeep  is in Bill's name. To get that you need copy of driver's license, Tourist Card, registration and passport.  You also will need the ORIGINAL of all of those things. If you are getting a 10 year permit for your RV you need original registration and copies of all of the above. We were in line for about 45 minutes as a couple of people in front of us, didn't have what they needed and had to keep running back to vehicles and copy place. Our paper work was done in 7 minutes when we finally reached window. 
Safe travels, hope this helped. We are now in San Carlos at Totanaka. 


Nancy K said...

If I was going there, I would copy every paragraph and picture. GREAT information for anyone going across the border.

SandyM said...

Really good information to have. I agree with Nancy K.

Contessa said...

As always thank you for taking the time to share these details. Even though we have done it for many many years I always follow your directions. Gracias. Enjoy your down time in San Carlos and rest up.

Anonymous said...

We’ve been through this border numerous times and yours is by far the most thorough information I’ve ever seen! Excellent reminders for us.