Friday, October 28, 2022

Hope it is fixed this time.

Called RV tech first thing yesterday morning. Just before I went to bed, went into the bathroom and stepped into a cold puddle of water. Oh Boy!  So got ahold of them at 8:00 a.m. The owner came by and checked it out. Needed a part so they came back around 4:00 to fix it. Right on time and all is fixed. The first fix put pressure on another part that burst. Hope that is the end of things going bad. 

Spoke too soon Bills shaver quit working so another trip to WalMart to buy a new one and get a couple of other things I'd forgotten. Also to Denny's for breakfast.

Then home - straightened out cupboards and paper work and pesos so we'll be ready to go today.

Yep, today is border crossing day. We are only going 100 miles today to Santa Ana to the little RV park there. So we aren't in a hurry to leave. Will fill up with gasoline at the Pilot here in Rio Rico. Wonder if the card will work and if we get the discount...When we cross the border we should be able to just drive on down without any stops. We'll see. At least most of the highway is in good condition.  I'll take pictures and post as soon as I can. Can't remember if there is WiFi at the RV park where we stop today. Tomorrow we will go on to San Carlos and Totanaka - WiFi there. Will stay there a few days. Don't want to be on the road for all of the Day of the Dead celebrations. 

Will post again when I can. 


Doug and Nancy said...

And "we" are off! Excited to see what the RV park in Santa Ana is like.

Carol and Bill said...

Hi there - we flew right past Santa Ana and stopped in San Carlos.

Contessa said...

Thank God for the RV tech!!

You did what!!!!!!!!!

Bill must be felling spry. Can you keep up to him?'

Glad you got there. Now RELAX!!