Wednesday, September 28, 2022

All kinds of things

 This will kind of be a mixed bag of things we've been doing. One day trip was to a famous bakery here in Vegas. The name is Great Buns. Love their logo. We got there kind of late in the day so ended up not buying anything. 

The weather during the day remains in the mid to high 90's but it is cooling down at night into the high 60's so we have started walking in the morning again. Been doing between 7000 and 9000 steps. The 9000 step day wore me out. So limiting the length of walks for a while, need to build up my stamina again. We've walked a couple of time in The Wetlands. With all the rain over the summer it is very green and lush. All the ponds are filled high and lots more little creeks running in the underbrush. 
Usually there at turtles on this rock, guess the birds have taken it over.
I think this is a red neck turtle, it is not native to the area. But there a sure a lot of them. 
So serene here. Birds enjoying the pond.
I marvel at the many many shades of green that show up. 
My goodness, this is the first snake we've seen in all the walking we've done here. 
Interesting, wonder why this branch is all white. 
This pond has doubled in size since last time I saw it. 
Some pretty flowers growing in the water. 
Lots more benches around the park. A plaque on one of them. 
Heard the honking before we could see the geese heading south. 
Usually when we walk I end up taking a nap some time during the day. But still manage to work on my wall hanging. I have a lot more done on it since I took this picture. Every time I look at it I think of something else to do. 
And this puzzle - it took me about a week and a half to finish it. 1000 pieces. That is a long time for me, it was interesting to do. So much red, yellow, and purple in it.
The plumber finally showed up. Now we have a huge hole in our front yard. Big enough to bury some one in.

Woke up this morning - at 5 a.m. to thunder lightening and rain. But the sun was trying to come up. 
See it behind the dark cloud?
Really raining hard out there. 
I went out side to take a movie, near the end you can catch a bright flash, there was a  huge streak of lightening but I didn't have the camera on it.(had to edit this forgot to add the video)  The LOUD thunder came about a second later. I headed back in the house. It was close. Had a couple more very close strikes and loud thunder.

Thunder as I write this is still shaking the house. I guess the plumbers probably won't show up today. No walk today either. 
One of our sons live right on the Gulf coast in Tampa. A little worried about him. But looks like the eye will be south of him now.


SandyM said...

Lovely photos all of them; thanks for sharing. Sorry for the outside water problems. I bet it is good to be out walking again after all the hot weather.

Kathy Tycho said...

Lots of little things keep us busy and you always gave something on the go. Nice that you can walk again as it cools down.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Best name ever for a bakery!!! LOVE that wall hanging.
We will be happy to get home on Saturday! Great trip, glad we did it but time for some down time!

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy, yes really enjoying getting out for the walks again.
Kathy, I need to continue walking when we get there. Have managed to lose 16 pounds.
Jackie. Thank you. Your trip look fun. You kept really busy. Glad you missed the hurricane up there.