Sunday, September 11, 2022

More projects

 Been enjoying the cooler weather and a little rain. 

Got out a few times to craft stores, restaurants and grocery stores. I have been buying these fruit bars for years. But this time I really got a shock when I opened the box. The box was the same price as always.

But the bars have shrunk by a whole lot. Their tops used to be rounded like the picture and the bar was the same size as the picture. Not any more!
The top of the bar is now flat - like they poured something into the mold to reduce the size. The top of bar and the ruler are exactly even. Now bar is less than four inches big. 
And look how short the stick is. Talk about shrink flation! Will try another brand next time. 
This is one of the puzzles Bill bought me 1000 pieces. It took me about a week to finish it. This is the picture on the box. The actual puzzle had a lot more to it on both sides. Took me a while to figure out where the extra trees were supposed to go. 
I've started a new project. Going to make myself a new wall hanging. This is a picture I took last year in El Quelite. I love the colors in it.
I made a black and white drawing of it using a light box - on top right. Then I resized the drawing using a stained glass program I have to resize patterns.
Then I went shopping for material. I did have some materiel in my "stash" that I will be using but wanted colors I didn't have. Pieces of some of the material I will be using. 
Today I'll probably start on it, but it will be slow going. Have to remember how to do it. 
This is Bill's friend Harvey. He feeds him - I know he shouldn't so please no lectures. I guess Bill didn't notice him quick enough so he came up to the door and looked in. Where are you?
Our weather has been much cooler for a few days - only in high 80's yesterday. But the best thing it is going below 80 at night. That really makes a difference. But now we have the humidity back, but even got some nice steady rain for a while. The plants loved it.  
Everything in our side yard is growing like crazy. 
Well nuts. When we got home from store I noticed this hole next to the driveway and curb. Water is gurgling up in it. So called the office to see if it was our problem or theirs. Luckily it is theirs. However to get them to fix it might take forever. A couple of blocks down there was the same thing but it was really leaking and water was running down the street. Did that for a couple of weeks before it got fixed. Ours is for now a very slow leak. Quite a bit of the area around it has been undermined so afraid to step on that part of the ground.  
Should have got out to walk this morning but didn't - will for sure tomorrow. Going to watch NASCAR race this afternoon. Hope my favorite driver does okay. But doesn't have a good start position. Also it looks like he will be changing teams next year. Too bad. 
That's it for now.


Nancy Kissack said...

I can't wait to see that wall hanging. I've never known how to do that, so I hope you give us directions as you go. And I never even thought of doing it with one of my pictures. Love the bunny. It's funny there used to be dozens of them around here south of Tucson, but this year I have only seen two.

Carol and Bill said...

Nancy - wall hanging is progressing slowly. It isn't as colorful as I meant it to be.