Friday, July 28, 2023

Plugging along, still HOT out

 Not much has been going on around here, still very, very hot out. In the last fifteen days we've had ONE day under 110 and it was 109. Been up to 115 a couple of days. By middle of next week though it is supposed to cool off, one day predicted to be ONLY 100. Sure hope so. When we get up around 6 a.m. it has been 90+ already, the coolest it's been at night for a long time. And next week we are supposed to get some rain. I met my girlfriend for lunch the other day and after when I got to the car it was so hot I couldn't open it with out using my blouse to hold the handle. The steering wheel was super hot too. UGH

Another picture of the big Sphere just a half block off The Strip. People are complaining about it interrupting the flow of traffic 'cause cars slow down (and some stop) to watch it. Also in the strip area a lot of the streets are getting repaved for the Formula One race in November, Guess pavement has to be super smooth. So that has been a mess, glad we can stay away from that area. 

I happened to be looking out the kitchen window when I saw a furry tail go under our shed?? To furry to be a rat. Stood there for a while and this little kitty peaked out. The minute I moved it went back under. That was a couple of days ago and haven't seen it since. 
Been keeping busy with a puzzle. My neighbor got it from his daughter and he wants to fix it so he can frame it. They asked me if I would do it for them. So I'm working on it now. It is very different to put together. 
I building it on a cutting mat so he can transfer it to something stable to take it to his house to glue and coat it. So the design on the cutting mat is distracting. I did the easy part first of course. 
The is very little difference in the colors of the pieces left and they are the weirdest shapes I've ever run across. Makes it a challenge to do it. Hope to finish it in a couple of days. 
Then I'm going to try something new. Went out and bought a Diamond Dotz kit. The cheapest one I could find. Not sure I'll be able to do because of the way my hands shake. But going to try. Just the butterfly gets the little "diamond dot" pieces put on it. There are 28 different colors of the dots. 
Some of the colors. You get a pen type thing, add wax to the tip of it and then pick up the "diamond dot" and place it on the canvas. The canvas has a sticky surface that the dots hopefully stick to. It might be fun. It might be a challenge and it might just end up in the trash. 
Did any of you see on Facebook the one Jenny Sheppard's mother did. It was huge and beautiful. That's what got me wondering if I could do it. 
We got out and about a couple of times this week. Bill developed tendinitis in his wrist. Bad enough that he went to urgent care. Got anti inflammatory pills and was supposed to get a brace, which he refused. It is getting better slowly. 
And our son came over and picked up our RV from the dealership and brought it home for us. The dealer called and said pick it up or pay for storage. Okay! Been there since March to repair the damage from the bucket that went under it. So now it is here in the storage lot. The management is still diddling around about how to secure the RV lot so nothing else gets stolen out of them. They are talking now about putting in big sliding gates. Better then a chain. When it was stolen last year we had a good steering wheel lock on it. Didn't matter. Police said the steering locks and the wheel locks were not much of a help. 
Not much else going on around here. Bill gets another eye shot next week. Thank goodness they are working. 


Nancy Kissack said...

I'm a puzzle fan and that one looks pretty nice. I like the weird pieces ... they are easier for me to find! I've seen those diamond dot projects in person ... they are pretty spectacular when completed and framed. Please post it when you are done. I may just have to buy one myself.

SandyM said...

How nice for you…you have the fun of putting the puzzle together and your neighbor will have a nice puzzle to glue and hang in his home. Always enjoy your posts; thanks for sharing with all of us.

Carol and Bill said...

Nancy - got the weird puzzle done and back to the owner. The diamond dot is fun. But like everything else, what do you do with it after it is finished.
Sandy -The neighbor has his puzzle, don't know when he plans on framing it. Not too much to share any more, except hot weather and no rain at our place.