Thursday, July 28, 2022

A big change in the weather

 What a difference a few days make. From over 111+ to below 100. Hip, hip, hooray! BUT, of course there is always a BUT  - now we have humidity with dew point between 50 and 65. In Indiana they called that "Air you can wear." Yep. Even sticky inside. Check out the days of maybe rain. Almost every day. I like that it is cooling down at night. 

This was yesterday evening. A big storm hit the valley. We did not get any rain but lots of lightening and thunder. And about a mile from us an intersection we go through all the time had 3/4 of an inch of rain. A couple of the main roads by us were shut because of standing water. 
We go through Boulder Highway and Galleria every time we go to Walmart. Only a few minutes from us. And we didn't get even one drop!
Up early this morning, glad I was. This morning's sunrise. 
Still pretty a half hour later.
I got a new phone, mine wouldn't hold a charge any more. The clerk at Verizon set it up for me. When he asked for my gmail password, I didn't remember it. Heck I didn't remember I had a gmail account. So he used a string of numbers and told me to change it when I got home. Fine - except that changed the password on every thing on my computer that was associated with google. Like the blog etc, etc. Muttered a lot that afternoon. Then I was trying to set the phone up the way I wanted it. Got some apps on it and got rid of some apps. Then got stuck, afraid to touch a few things. So back to Verizon the next morning. Clerk was very patient with me in answering questions and helping me. No more new phones for me...I still have to change a few things. Some how I got my AOL email on the phone, don't want it there. 
We've been getting out some the last few days, Big deal - grocery store, JoAnns for material, Denny's for breakfast and Verizon. Our big excursions. Oh, yes, can't forget the pharmacy. We lead such an exciting life. 
I was working on my 4th Christmas tree wall hanging and though I was so smart, not reading directions. Completely forgot the most important step, cutting all the strips on an angle. So did a whole lot of ripping. All those pieces were sewed together and pressed. Rip, rip, rip. Then I had to vacuum because the threads I'd ripped out managed to get all over the floor. And I tracked them all over the house. I have it all resewed now. Will work on it again tomorrow. 
We have not heard from Bill's doctor about him not being approved for the test. I called but no return call so far. Guess we will find out on the 12th when he has an appointment. 

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