Thursday, November 21, 2019

A trip to Centro

It is only noon and we've had a busy day already. But back to yesterday. This was the way most of the afternoon played out. Off and on rain and very day. Temperatures dropped quite a bit too. 
 Last night's sunset taken from the RV Park. 
 And this morning's sunrise. 
Unfortunately the air is still pretty humid! About 8:30 we headed towards the Centro Historico. Passing this  building in the Golden Zone. Have always liked the way they used greenery on the front of it.  
For those of you who have been here I'm sure you'll remember when the whole block where the Dairy Queen was was torn down and new construction began right away. They were really making progress in the spring. Well all has come to a HALT, the city suspended their permit because of a fatality. No idea when they will be able to work again.  
Bid puddles from last night heavy rain.
 Can almost see the humidity in the air. 
 Playa Norte - the floating playground. Was open, was closed, might be open. Seems to change daily with issues with permits. The city in the background. Fishermen's pangas in foreground. 
 Past Zaragoza Plaza heading into downtown. This road has finally been paved. Be still my beating heart. All the way to the Church. 
 Turning up on 5 de Mayo to go to the parking lot we always use when downtown. 
 Greeted the owners and the kid that washes the car. They welcomed us "home." Talked for a while then walked towards where we were going to eat. This is on 5 de Mayro - look newly repainted. 
 New three story parking garage is being built on Carnaval and Angel Flores. Will be nice when it is done - but that isn't expected until around March sometime. 
 Had breakfast at sidewalk cafe Via Condotti on. Heriberto Frias just off of Angel Flores. They also have a wonderful bakery in the same building. 
 Looking up through the canopy to the neat tiles on the building's balconies. 
We had the last two servings of quiche for breakfast. Also ordered one to be picked up tomorrow around noon.
Before we left Bill went into the bakery and bought some cinnamon rolls. Three for the owners and car washer at the parking lot and these two are MINE.

Delivering the rolls before we do our errands. See Willie parked there - that is "his space."
 Waling to TelMex spotted this neat truck. Good advertising for the garage. 
 The TelMex building. Going in and paying for our service was a breeze. $68 - included during the summer when we didn't pay and up till the end of March when we leave. Sounds good huh? Well when we got home we had two lights on the router. Can connect to the Internet but can't get on it. So Will have to get service out here for the line...Fingers crossed.We still have data on our TelCell so not too frantic. 
Everything metal in the Plaza Revolution has been painted a bright rust color, Benches, fences, light posts and the gazebo. Kind of pretty. Said hello to our favorite shoe repair man. 
 Heading into a government building to see if our friend Roberto was at work. He wasn't left a message for him. 
 Walked past the Post Office. This is what the mail men use to deliver the mail. 
 Want your blood pressure checked, you sugar or cholesterol? Outside the government building.
 Back at the parking lot. I think the cinnamon rolls were a hit. 
 Willie is all washed and ready to go. 
Home now listening to the music from the homes behind us that are still having interior work being done on them.  
Looks like it might start raining again this evening. If it gets any more humid it would be like being in a lake. I'm not good in the humidity. 


Dirk said...

I like how you have so
Many friends. I rented an apartment in Vietnam for 4 months a couple years ago... didn’t speak a word of Vietnamese.. they spoke no English. Smiles go a long way! I made so many friends. Great pictures

Carl said...

Thanks for the wonderful travelog. I enjoy your detailed trip pointers. Whats up with Las Jaibas? it looks kind of empty in the back. Maybe it'll fill up as Christmas approaches. Anyway, lots of space for you.

Carol and Bill said...

There are four of us in the back now. Four of the regulars won't be here this year. One just had surgery, one sold their RV and the other lost a spouse this summer and the other bought a house here.

Carol and Bill said...

We have more friends here then we have where we live. It is like coming home. I remember when you were in Vietnam, I think that is when you first commented here.

Kathy Tycho said...

Have been running our dehumidifier steady since we got here,as well as the A/C.

Carol and Bill said...

the heat I can stand, the humidity kills me. sure hope for a change soon. at least it was cool this morning.