Thursday, November 14, 2019

This and That

Some of these were taken yesterday afternoon and some this morning. We basically were stuck here in RV yesterday waiting for the guy who was going to fix the other hose ripped off the water tank. He was here in the park working on an old RV all day so he didn't get to us. Said he'd be here this morning. Just a picture of our campsite. This is closest to the office so gets the best WiFi.
While waiting for the repair guy to show up Bill fixed the water tank. YAH! Repairman not necessary. 
Took a short walk across the street to check out the beach. Looking north. Beach is much cleaner than it usually is.
Hundred of birds in this area. Have never seen so many here. These guys were fishing.

 Like I said lots and lots of them. Both Pelicans and Seagulls. 
Just looking across the street at the buildings there. The green is a spa, the yellow a key maker, the white a souvenir shop and the turquoise is a restaurant. The little yellow building is the night guards office for the RV park.
 Yesterday was really muggy. Looking east at the mountains, 
 This was this morning, not as many birds here today. Again they were fishing. And they were catching some big fish, Took several gulps to get them down. 
 How can they fly so close to the water and still miss the waves?
Did I mention it is humid? The morning dew still clinging to the railing at the beach. 
A selfie. The yellow building is a hotel, the white a little restaurant. 
 I wonder if they were catching as many fish as the pelicans, none while we watched.
 The moon going down.
 Very regal, not paying any attention to the other birds. 
 A new coffee shop near the campground. Interesting mural.
 The low clouds over the estuary.
Just drove out to the nice overlook today. Still trying out the camera. In the sunlight can't see a thing on the screen. Have to use the eye piece - have to take my glasses off to see through it so everything looks blurry. Pictures from there tomorrow 


gumo said...

I am continuing to enjoying your book. I am at the point of Mexico City where Randy learns no one got his yearbook for him. I wonder if he ever received it. I don't read a lot at a time as I want to savor it in small doses. Great narration! Thanks!

Carol and Bill said...

He finally got it when we returned to Los Angeles But he still, at 59 yrs of age, has not forgiven us for pulling him out of school before graduation.

Dirk said...

Gosh I love to read your traveling adventures and seeing your pictures. I’m thinking it’s about time for Bills pictures to start showing up ... from behind of course! Talking... asking questions! Thank you for your musings. I never miss a posting!

Jackie McGuinness said...

Moon shot, fabulous! As is the last one.

Contessa said...

I too love that moon shot. The heron as well. Your photos are excellent.