Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Welcome to Mazatlan

We are now in Mazatlan, hope you can enjoy the winter with us. 
Or trip today started at 7:00 this morning and arrived in Mazatlan at 12:00  240 miles. Tolls came to US $69. At least the road was better than last year. Will write about today's trip tomorrow. The whole trip from home to here 1253 miles. 
But we picked a hot time to get here 91 degrees - but FEELS like 102 because of the humidity. UGH. Supposed to rain for next three days and cool down quite a bit. 
 Looking behind us. No trucks and diesel smoke or dust just the backs of lots of new houses. Looks weird after being used to all the old jungle. 
 All settled in and hooked up. Our poor bougainvillea didn't do well over the summer. They didn't get any tender loving care. But hopefully they will get better with water. 
 Bill took a short nap then we headed out to Fat Fish for RIBS for dinner. 
Happy camper.  
You get salad, coleslaw, baked  potato, garlic bread and a whole slab of ribs. for US 7.50. 
 Two dinners for 250 pesos. They have steak and fish too. 
 Then took a ride around town. Didn't take many pictures, but will in the future. Part of the city with the sun lighting it up. 
 Saw this painted on the side of a home as we passed. 
 Another section of town, lit up by the setting sun. 
 Just a mural we were stopped next to. 
 Took this through the car's front windshield while stopped at a light. 
And now I'm just going to relax and read. Glad we don't have to get to anywhere tomorrow. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Glad you made it! Saw you roll by on your way out while I was playing cards with the ladies up front.

Dirk said...

Gosh I enjoy reading your prose each postings. I enjoy your pictures and comments. Best to your from KINGSTON Washington. Across the pond from Seattle

SandyM said...

Happy to hear you safely arrived. Wow it does look different "out back"! Hope they plant a few trees to break up that long wall. Bill looks happy and he had not even started to eat his ribs. Nice photos in this post.

Carol and Bill said...

sure hope this weather changes soon. sad to discover so many "regulars" are not here.

Carol and Bill said...

they will never do anything to break break up wall - too cheap. murals would look nice too. something, anything.
but glad to be settled in for a while.

Carol and Bill said...

Hope your weather is nice there.. right now it is too hot and humid here. always enjoy hearing from you.