Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A quiet Wednesday

Woke up about 6:00 to the sound of soft rain on the roof this morning. Really dark and cloudy out. Thinking about yesterday and how lucky we were that the tire blew where we were close to a city and that it didn't cause any damage to RV or car. FMCA Roadside Assistant was amazing. Today we wait to hear from the Mobile RV repair person to see about fixing the one broken hose the tire took out. 
8:30 and the sun just popped out. Love the smell of the desert after a rain.
A really quiet day for us. All we did was go to WalMart and to Denny's for lunch. Both of us took a nap this afternoon. Weather is warm but cloudy and a little humid. 

My little cactus plant is not so little any more. This will probably be the last trip he'll be able to take with us. We will buy him a bigger pot while in Mazatlan and transplant him when we get home. Right now he still fits in the cupboard under the sink {behind the slide when it is in}but almost too big to go in there. 
For those of you familiar with the Amado, AZ area. We are staying at the Mountain View RV park. They have been busy upgrading the park with new electric and plumbing. Lots of cleaning up going on. And they have a new computer system that works great. We paid for a week so figures out to $24 a day. Pull throughs, full hookups, cable TV and good WiFi. 
We will take one day and get our Mexican auto insurance and go into Mexico to get all our paper work done. So the day we leave we won't have to spend time doing that. Of course, Sunday there is a race I want to watch. Got the TV in the bedroom set up so we can watch local channels on it.  


Kathy Tycho said...

Glad your tire troubles weren't worse. Got into Navojoa at about 3pm today. Had some rain in Nogales this morning and a cloudy days drive. Enjoy you layover!

Dirk said...

So happy to see you on the move!

Carol and Bill said...

We went today and got all our paperwork done, so on Tuesday we will just GO. Taking our time getting to Maz with a few stops along the way.

Carol and Bill said...

We will be moving slowly. Tuesday will cross border.