Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Our garden is growing

Well we woke up to pounding rain on the roof. Lasted about 5 minutes now it has cleared up.  
Monday we sat around all day waiting for the TelMex lineman. Hopefully he will show up today, along with the car mechanic.
Just a couple of observations. While eating dinner at Torres the other night I noticed a sign on their tables. The sign said they are now eco-friendy so they still have take out containers  but will cost the customer 8 pesos each. Wonder if they went back to good old cardboard or some high tech material. 
Was watching TV this morning and Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse were speaking Spanish. Just seemed weird. We get about seven Mexican over the air channels.
And the HUMIDITY is back in force. And looks like it is going to rain here hard starting sometime Wednesday. 
 Back to Sunday evening at the Plazuela Machado. Beautiful building all lite up.
 Looking down a side street. The lights in the sidewalk pointing up the buildings makes for great pictures.

The  Angela Peralta theater.
 There is a new art gallery jewelry shop across from the theater.
There were a whole bunch of children all dressed up, guess they were performing at the theater 
At the Italian restaurant in the Machado. Our good long time friend Angelica  met us for dinner

Sunrise Monday morning. From the campground. 

Our new hibiscus bloomed overnight. So pretty. 

My banana nut muffin from the bakery we went to the other day. The I can't believe it's not Butter container is form the US. We use it all the time. And it is available here in Mexico. BUT the Mexican version is so much better tasting then the US version. Going to take a bunch of it home with us. 
Hope we never have to go into this building again. The Marina Hospital where Bill had is gall bladder out in January. 
Dropped off the laundry. They told Bill they'd been wondering when he would come in. 
There is one intersection that we go through all the time. This is the north west corner. 
The south west corner.
We were there to get more dirt and two pots for the hibiscus and plant food. Looks just like home. Know where to find everything. 
South east corner of same intersection. 
Our other hibiscus and my plant - and the neighbors gnome. They aren't here this year and he looked lonely. Will put him back in their space when we leave. In the meantime he is safe. 
Today we spend the day waiting...for the lineman, mechanic and rain. 


SandyM said...

Love your pink hibiscus and the little gnome looks right at home between the cactus and hibiscus. Lots of rain this year but that is the way it is with weather - you can get a few surprises every once in a while.

Carol and Bill said...

weather saying 1 inch likely this coming storm.

Evie said...

Hi, I'm a new reader and am enjoying your blog. Wish I had known about you last year when I passed through your RV park, for one night. You make Mazatlan seen interesting. Love you hibiscus.