Saturday, November 30, 2019

The housing development next door

Finally we have our Internet so I can post the drone video of the housing development surrounding us. Many, many houses. A couple of park like areas with swimming pools. It also shows the area to the south of that is just getting its roads in. This will be private homes built by the owners. Not chicken coops like the ones to the north and east of us.
To view this in full screen which is much better click here 
Yesterday afternoon we went over to Torres to have an early dinner. Just as we finished eating the Salvation Army Children showed up to perform their lovely dances. Not good pictures as we were inside behind them. But...
Getting ready to start. 
Such lovely children. 
The sunset behind them. 
Their first dance. 
The second more complicated dance.
Lining up to be introduced. 
Wish this was better but. Hopefully they will come to Las Jaibas again this year. Love to watch them. 
Well nuts. One of the reasons we wanted out Internet working was so we could watch DishAnywhere. Well we can get the DishAnywhere to work on the laptops with no problem. Picture and sound, but when we use the HDM1 cable to hook to the TV all we get is picture, no sound. What happened  between when we were here in the spring when it worked and now?? GRRRR...
Took all our wet dripping towels into the laundry. They charge by the weight - hope they weighed them after they were washed and dried, not while they were soaking wet. 
All the water is gone, whole back area is now muddy but no standing water.  Glad it went away so fast. 


Mark said...

I could see the condo that I'm in on your drone footage

Carol and Bill said...

see you soon