Monday, November 18, 2019

Another 238 miles closer to Mazatlan

We are stopped in a Smart Gas truck stop about 280 miles from Mazatlan.  Today we were on the road from 9:00 till 2:00. Did 238 miles. Mostly good road, but more about that later.
We got kind of ready to go then went to Chihauhaus for breakfast. Knew it would be a long drive so wanted to start off with a full tummy. See how dark and dreary it is. Willie, the Heep, waiting for the RV to get moving. 
 Back on the highway going north to the Fletcha gas station at the intersection of the 15D. Most of the road to San Carlos is paved. Just a small section still to do. 
 Got gas and on the 15D south. The toll booth was not open, just people collecting donations. We gave 10 Pesos at all of the booths. A very few sections of the road today were under construction. Detours were well marked and the road is plenty wide for the traffic. Just south of Guaymas by the Sonora Indian statue are some vibradores. Slow Down!
 At one section under construction they had put out these "people" to slow down traffic with their flags. The people are overalls stuffed with something, a head with a hat and the flags. More funny then effective. 
 Another section of share the road.  
 Coming up to the Road to Potam there are topes and vibradores.  Next you come to Vicam. The road turns to torn up asphalt through town. 
 At the north end of Vicam there was a group of people walking back and forth across the road. They had donation cups. But we did not donate. Drive through them carefully. 
 There are several topes going through Vicam. I think there were five, but might have forgot to count a couple. Watch for people selling things - there will be a tope there. 
 Some nasty topes. Go through town very slowly. The road is so bad you can't go fast anyway. Bill complained that even the topes had holes in them. 

 Just at the southern edge of town back on concrete. 
 Coming up to the Obregon Bypass. Just beyond the rest stop. 
Just beyond the rest area there were a group of men funneling all vehicles into the far left lane. 
 Again sorry about the dark pictures but it was a dark day and our windshield has a light tint to it. You had to go there as a truck was blocking the other lanes.
 As we approached the man by the barrel picked it up and walked in front of us. 
 No question, you have to stop. 
 Bill asked them why they were doing this and got a convoluted answer about the Indians and the government not asking them or paying them when the road went through. They believe the roads should be free to everyone. Gave them 20 pesos and they moved the barrel. They were not belligerent or demanding.
 Then came the sign for the bypass. Obregon city straight, cuota to the right.  
 Follow the signs to Navojoa Cuota. 
 Easy on. 
 This toll booth was open and collecting. Cost us 318 pesos. For 4 axels. - RV and car.  
 As you near the end of the bypass watch for these signs at the split. The road on the right goes back to the city of Obregon. Make sure you stay on the left  
 Merge back onto the 15D carefully. Full stop and no merge lane. 
Back on 15D heading towards Navojoa. Just before Navojoa at Benito Juarez and by the Hotel Sonora there are a series of topes and vibradores. Lots of them. 

 When you see a watch for cattle sign. Believe it. The cattle graze next to the road and in the middle. 
 Good thing the guard rail was there.
 Hopefully he is fast enough to keep them all on the side of the road. 
 Just beyond Navojoa after the turn off to Huatabamo and before the toll booth there are a series of three topes that are not marked and are hard to see. Be warned. Also beyond Navojoa the road gets bad for a while. Just before going into Sinaloa. 
 We went through a swarm of stink bugs so it was hard to get the camera to focus through them. 
Once in Sinaloa you go through an agricultural inspection. Don't have to stop but go slow over the rope topes. And the toll booth before Los Moches is open. Cost us 138 pesos.
The road was good as far as the Smart Gas just south of Los Moches where we are spending the night in the gated/fenced truck lot. It is near Km 195 going south. 
After parking we went up front to the Elba restaurant for a very good meal. 
Looks like it might rain tonight. Using our TelCel MiFi and it is working fast. Now that I push the right button to turn it on. 
Not looking forward to tomorrow - it will be a long day on not so good roads. 

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