Saturday, November 23, 2019

La Martina for breakfast Friday

Friday was a beautiful morning. Not too hot, not too cold and finally the humidity had dropped. So we decided to take a ride up the road a ways to La Martina Restaurant.
Lots of vegetation along the roadway.and everything still looks so green. Thanks to all the rain over the summer and a few days ago. This is also the road to the little town of La Noria and to the tequila distillery. 
Some of the new blue agave plants for the distillery. They have grown some since we were here in the spring. 
Heading into the restaurant. 
The bougainvilleas along the front of the restaurant have grown quite a bit too. 

The two building out in the back are finished and the area has been landscaped. There is a pretty fountain there but it is behind the bush.
Sweet potato chips and delicious made in the area cheese. The salsa was too hot for me. 
It is such a pretty place. We went there several times in the spring if you want to see more pictures of it just search La Martina. 
Bill's breakfast crepes with strawberries. 
My breakfast - chocolate waffle with lots of fruit and chocolate sauce and whipped cream. 
We enjoyed the meal and catching up with everyone who works there. 
Then back to town to go to Centro. [covered that yesterday]
Put some oranges and buns on our "bread fruit" tree just to see if there are still any birds around. 
 Of course the chakalas showed right up and swiped some bread. 
 Then a few of these little guys showed up, never seen them here before. 

 Bill is still putting up Christmas lights. He wants to put them on the big tree next to us but we don't have a ladder. So...why not tie then to one of the drones and fly it around the tree with lights. Hum...

 So how did that work? Well the drone lifted the lights with no problem. And Bill started to wrap them around the tree. However the tree held on to the string of lights....(it is easier to see if you make it full screen.)
Our garden continues to grow. 

 I hope the little flowering plants continue to flower - they are so pretty.

Also got a couple of hibiscus but have to get pots for them. 
Of course the TelMex lineman didn't show up. Did we really expect him to? No. 
Also went to the little bakery near here and got some yummies. Banana nut muffins and cinnamon rolls and some pastries with fruit in them. Except for the short trip to bakery and nursery we spent the rest of the day home. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Love La Martina! Bet I can see your Christmas lights off my front deck!

Carol and Bill said...

he put more out so you probably can.

Contessa said...

Your camera is taking wonderful photos. Love all the colours.