Thursday, October 24, 2019

Devils Tower, Wyoming

Some more from our summer trip.
That days drive, it was way back on August 21st. From Harden where we visited Little Bighorn to Devils Tower, WY. Something I've always wanted to see. It was worth it.
Just a weird house that was for sale passed it on the way to the campground.
Driving up to the park. We could see the Tower from the front window of our RV in the campground. But once out on the road it disappears for a while. Then suddenly there it is.
Just like in the movie.
I am always fascinated by the red rocks. Love them. Take way too many pictures of them.
Entrance to the park. Again used Golden Age Pass! :)

Driving through the park towards the Visitor Center
For some reason I was surprised about all the big trees in the area. I guess I kind of pictured it sitting in the middle of a flat desert.
The trees blocked the sight of the tower on much of the road up to it.
From the Visitors Center. Up closer.
Can you imagine those chunks of rock falling off or sliding down the side.

Inside some information about the area.

Kind of out of focus, but good enough to demonstrate the legend.

Just another look at it.

Some video Bill took.

Some more pictures from the Visitor's Center. 
 Heading out of the park. Love the colorful rocks.
 A whole big colony of these guys. They are so cute.

 The RV  Park with a view of the tower out our front window.
 I have many more pictures but think this is enough. Leaving the park. Wish there had been more clouds and color - but ...
Hope you can read this. From the parks paper. 

Guess it sounded like a good idea at the time. 
And that was that part of the trip. Still have a couple more things we visited that I haven't shared. 
Today here in Vegas it is quite cool and very windy. We have a couple of errands to do later in the day when it warms up some. I'm finally getting some of my energy back. Actually baked Bill a birthday cake one day late and made paella for dinner.  And - drum roll - mopped the floor. Nice to feel human again. 


Mark said...

Happy that your feeling better. Tell Bill Happy Birthday for me.

Tango Dancer said...

Thank you very much my friend! Bill

Kathy Tycho said...

Amazing...glad you're on the mend.

Carol and Bill said...

Me too - have a safe trip.