Saturday, October 26, 2019

Two more things off the list.

Beautiful day Thursday so we did some errands. One of which was going to the pharmacy to order all of our meds for the winter trip. No problem, give them the list and pick them up the next day. We also got our flu shots while we were there. Thank goodness, other than a sore arm no side effects from them. Any way, when we got home there was a voicemail message from the pharmacy saying the insurance would not fill the prescriptions for 90 days, they would only fill them for 30 days??? Because it was so close to the end of the year!?!? WHAT? 
So I called the insurance company. After about an hour on the phone, most of it on hold everything got straightened out. As the insurance lady told me there should never have been a problem. And she called the pharmacy back to make sure the renewals went through. It is so great when you get help for a good customer service person. 
Friday I got a call from the pharmacy, they didn't have one of the pills and it could only be filled that day -the vacation override is good for one day to fill everything. So the pharmacist told me he would transfer the prescription to a different store and we could pick it up there.  So later we went to the other pharmacy just up the road a bit and waited 40 minutes for the order to be filled. Then stopped and picked up everything else. All done now. 
We are trying to figure out when we will leave, of course that depends on my doctor's appointment on the 29th. If all is well we will soon be on the road. 
Another glitch in the planning is the NASCAR playoff races. I really would like to watch them. There are four left. The first of the four is this weekend, no problem. The second of the four we will still be in the US, no problem.  Depends on where we are for the 3rd and 4th, if I'll be able to watch them.
All next week is going to be really cool - as in the 60's. For me that will make it much easier to load the RV. For Bill not so much. Starting to get things out and ready to go. 

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Contessa said...

I only have one script to fill and always are able to get it for six months with no issues.