Thursday, May 25, 2023

Been a busy time.

A lot been going on since last I posted. Bill's eye continues to improve slowly. We were out running an errand and he says,"I think I can drive now." I don't think so...But he could read the street signs, something he couldn't do a couple of weeks ago. I spent the weekend watching NASCAR races. Some of the worst "racing" I have ever seen. The racing is better on Las Vegas Blvd. Monday I thought I got an early enough start - 6:30 - to avoid the heat...NOPE. Any way I got in a three mile walk, not on purpose. As I was headed home I took a wrong trail and ended up having to turn around and find another way home. Got home at 15 to eight and it was already in the mid 80's!  Also ended up doing errands later. Grocery store, gas in car at $4.34 a gallon! I thought it was going down. CVS for more medication for Bill's ear and out for breakfast. Spent afternoon sitting down reading.  Ended up with over 10,300 steps that day. So more pictures from Wetlands. 

One of the trails I like, a lot of shade in the morning. 
A little creek 
I wonder is this a coyote trail, it isn't a walking trail. 
Isn't he cute. 
More water fowl. Different pond. 
These bushes have such great flowers on them. Kind of look like orchids. 
Two different bushes, different colored flowers. 
Pretty big bushes and covered with flowers. The flowers are only about 1 1/2 inches big. 
One of the very few palm trees in the wetlands. 
The Wetlands is where all the reclaimed water from town is treated before going back into the lake. 
Guess he found something good to eat. 
Had to do a lot of back tracking around this closed section. This area has one of my favorite ponds in it. Hope they open it soon. 
Weather has been really warm, snow is starting to melt. 
So home again. On Tuesday Bill had another medical appointment, which he didn't want to go to. But went any way - you know that old saying "happy wife, happy life!"  It was for a CT scan of his lungs. His theory is he can breath fine, didn't need it. Luckily we were in and out of there pretty quick. Had to laugh, though it really isn't funny. They gave him a bunch of paper work to be filled in - oops, can't do it. He can't see and my hands shake so much no one can read my writing, including me. So they offered to fill it all out for us. Thank goodness. Also on Tuesday our community water was shut off from 9 to 4. And for some reason our Cox Internet was out. Called them and couldn't get through in the morning. By afternoon, still not working, managed to get recording. "Your area is experiencing a problem we are working on it." Finally came back on about six in the evening.
And I managed to get out of the house to meet my girlfriend for lunch. We are trying to do that every month or so. We used to work together at the LA School district. Nope not a teacher. We were both supervisors over many cafeterias. 
Finally finished this 1000 piece puzzles. The blue sky took the longest to finish. 
I still have a 2000 piece puzzle Bill bought me. It will take the entire dining room table to set it up.  So that has been our week. Didn't walk yesterday or today, but plan on it tomorrow, as temps should be in high 60's early in a.m. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Really enjoy hearing about all the walks. So happy things are going well!

Ruth's Life is Good said...

WOW, $4.34 a gallon. We haven't seen gas that high in a long while. Fuel where we live in Texas is $2.88. It is so nice that you have those wonderful wetlands within walking distance of your house. Glad the hear Bill continues to improve!!

SandyM said...

I like this Header Photo. Good news for Bill’s eyes - yes, must keep appointments. Nice post and so many nice pictures. Thanks for sharing..

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy - Things (medical issues) are improving slowly. Hope someday everything will be normal again. Kind of depressing some days.
Ruth - Yep gas is still high here in Nevada. Saw some at $3.94 is paid in cash. Improvement with Bill is very slow.
Sandy - that is a pretty pond. The second shot doesn't seem to be doing as much improvement as the first. But maybe it is too soon to tell for sure.