Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The days continue to pass

 Another letter from the management where we live. They had done another "4-sided" inspection - what now? was my thought as I opened it. Well...it was a congratulations letter for keeping our house so nice. Just wish they would take care of all the living potted plants we have to replace the beautiful, colorful artificial ones we had. And we had another day with out water while the valves in the community were being replaced. 

I know I've been remiss on posting, but lots of days nothing to post about. Summer has arrived in Vegas. I don't mind the day heat that much, after all everything is air conditioned. But when it doesn't cool down at night it interferes with my walking. When the coolest it gets is 72 getting out to walk is a challenge. Sunrise is around 5:30 - so I pretty much need to be out before six to get in a decent walk. Before the sun gets too high. But at that time I can't find any one to go with me. When I have someone to walk with I'm more apt to go. I did walk Monday but only got in 2.08 miles. And I'm finding now that when I walk I NEED a nap in the afternoon. I believe that is due to the covid, not that I'm getting old and lazy. 

One day last week I walked over 3 miles, ended up with over 10,300 steps that day. 
We have been busy the last week with weird things. Our electric company does home visits and gives you ideas on how to save on electricity. They also give you a new thermostat. Ours was very old and not accurate. This is the new one. I can even set it with an app on my phone! - Little by little I'm being forced to use more "apps". They also gave us two outdoor light bulbs that come on at dusk and go off at dawn, by themselves. And six LED bulbs to replace old light bulbs. A freezer thermometer and two refrigerator thermometers. And a doohicky that goes on the furnace/AC filter that will whistle when the filter needs changing. And a new energy saving power strip. The service is entirely free, just had to call and make an appointment. 
Took me a few days to get the new thermostat set where both of us are comfortable all day and night. It is for sure working for us better than the old one. I am hot most of time and Bill freezes when it gets too cool. 
I've also been doing some cooking. This is corned beef and etc in slow cooker. It is a great recipe  - what makes it great? it is made with a can of beer. I had everything already to go when I discovered we didn't have any real beer. Bill drinks Heineken Zero -no alcohol. And I think the alcohol it what makes it good. So at 7 o'clock in the morning we were at Albertson's buying A CAN OF BEER! The beer makes the foam. It turned out delicious. 
Also made a marble cake with dulce de leche and walnuts in the filling. Had to give half of it to the neighbors. Too much for us to eat. 
And another meal I made was Puentas de Res. (Beef tips) it is a meal I like to make in Mexico. So while there this winter I got the recipe. In Spanish. At the time that wasn't a problem, just have Bill translate it. But now he can't see it to read to me. I managed to figure it out, pretty simple and it turned out great. Also made, from box, Mexican rice to go with it. YUM!
Have put up my patriotic decorations for Memorial day to July 4th. 
Made the placemats a long time ago. 
I don't have to go to The Wetlands to see wild life. One afternoon we had four bunnies in the back. Two of them didn't like each other. Funny. 
The one on the right was very aggressive Kept going after the one on the left. He'd jump straight up in the air and try to land on the other one.  Simple things amuse simple minds kind of time. 

Our pretty plant at the back of the "front/side" yard is blooming now. 
It will bloom most of the summer. The flowers are so pretty and delicate looking. 
On Sunday we had a home visit from our medical insurance company. They do it every year and pay us for it. We each get a fifty dollar gift card for CVS  (or Smith's or Subway???) We choose CVS then use them next time we get our prescriptions filled. This time it was a Nurse Practitioner who came. She is also a member of the Air Force medical corp. Her husband is with the Marines medical corp. Both are stationed at Nellis AFB. She does this part time. They check your meds and make sure there are none that you shouldn't be taking. And that you know why you are taking them. Also vital signs and mobility and self care questions etc. Then report goes to our primary doctor. 
Yesterday I walked in the morning, only two miles. Then spent the rest of they day watching NASCAR - and I do mean all day. Lots of rain delays. 
So that is what we've been doing. Bill has an appointment with an ophthalmologist tomorrow to check the pressure in his eyes. Though retina doctor says it is lower then before. So might cancel the appt until later in the year. 

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SandyM said...

Nice pictures of the bunnies as they frolic in your back yard and your dinners sound delicious. Recently made a Mexican rice casserole and it was OK just so much for the two of us. Have even resorted to eating it for breakfast so it will be out of fridge!