Thursday, September 21, 2023

Walking again

 YES!! finally the weather has cooled down enough we can walk in the morning again. Been out three times in the last week, twice in the wetlands - did 2 3/4 miles both times. Today around our community. Only 2 1/2 miles. For some reason I wear out quicker when walking in the community than in the wetlands. I guess not as much to see and a lot hotter with no shade. So here we are on one of the still puddled trails. Three weeks after the flooding. 

All the rocks have been washed clean, lots of pretty colors in this one. 
Most of the ponds have very murky water and are overgrown with plants. Looks like the beavers are trying to dam this one up again. 
One of the many closed trails. All the dirt is gone.
Need to watch where we are walking lots of big drop offs where the water too the dirt away. 
The river has a lot of water in it, but was a lot higher than it is now. 
This used to be dry land, now quite a bit of water in it running into the river. 
This trail is open but in pretty bad shape. 
This pond is completely covered with some kind of scum, algae? Used to be a lot of ducks and geese here. 
Almost home the first walk,  only saw one bunny and this road runner. Wonder if the bunnies managed to stay out of the flooding. 
Tuesdays walk. The mud still in the road at the gate between our community and the Wetlands. 
Just a dragon fly, lots of them around.
A couple of turtles checking us out to see if we will feed them. 
We saw a coyote, but wasn't fast enough to get a picture of him. This was always my favorite part of the park, now it is completely covered with growth, not maintained at all. 
Turtle taking the sun. 
Like walking here for the shade. Lots of the dirt here was washed away too. 
Again not fast enough with the camera to get a picture of a three foot skinny snake. This pond has a lot of the water plants in it now. 
Today we walked in the community. So much damage to so many places. And of course home owners insurance doesn't cover any of it because it was caused by flooding. Some of the homes in the back part of the community where the block wall came down even had water in their homes.
Lots of other things going on, still trying to catch up. 


Mark said...

I hope they get those trails back in good shape. Be VERY CAREFUL when you are out on those trails. Don't need you tripping and falling.

Doug and Nancy said...

Glad to see you out enjoying your day. Hugs!

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - it is going to take a long time to get everything back in shape. Lots of damage there. No problem out in the Wetlands, almost fell down this morning on the street. it had rained and the mud was very slippery.
Doug and Nancy - It is so peaceful out there.