Monday, May 20, 2024

Long delayed thoughts on vacation in Mexico

So - I've put this off long enough.  Expenses, pictures and thoughts about our one month vacation in Mazatlan earlier this year. On the trip going at every airport we had reserved a wheel chair for Bill. Mostly due to his eyesight. Well let me tell you, after me RUNNING behind the wheel chair pushes we made sure we both had wheelchairs coming home. We flew American Airlines from Vegas with stopover in Phoenix and then 4 hours to Mazatlan. Using our air milage points from a credit card the flight for both of us was $299. 

We were met at the Mazatlan airport by a driver - who we discovered over charged us. Oh well, live and learn. Got to our hotel with no problems. The Blue Pacific Hotel - owned by the same person who owns the RV park we usually stay in. It is a NO frills hotel but was right on the main street so that made it easy to get around.  We were in the room right behind the hanging banner  2nd floor.

Hotel costs us US$ 1470 for 30 days - with exchange rate of 17 pesos per dollar. Exchange rate was way lower than we were used to. Used to be around 20 pesos per dollar. Our basic room. Bed, table and two chairs. It also had a small kitchenette. And bathroom with shower. The toidy in the bathroom was so low to the ground when sitting on it one's knees were level with ones nose. Try to gracefully get up from that position.  We did have very good WiFi. See the microwave on top of refrigerator and black coffeepot on counter. Our first trip out we bought them. Can't live without either. 
There was also a closet and a balcony. And laundry service for a price, but convenient. 
The first night there we walked to Pancho's restaurant which was right next door. Didn't feel like doing much else. As opposed to when we RV'd we'd go out for RIBS the first night we got to Mazatlan.  Read the apron so funny. 
The next morning bright and early jumped into a pulmonia. There are many modes of transportation in Mazatlan,. We used pulmonias a lot.  Later we got smart and started to use Uber - yes I learned how to use it. All in all we spent total US$530 on getting places. One of our higher expenses. 

It took us to another tradition, Torres restaurant - it is right across the street from the RV park where we usually stay.
From there into a taxi to go to the Mega, a big Walmart like grocery store. Where we bought the coffee pot, microwave and hangers and a couple of soft towels. Costs us about US$ 110. Well spent money.
Leaving the store with our full cart. Yes it is on the 2nd floor. The cart locks onto the moving ramp so it  is easy to use. In total we only spend US$ 300 on groceries. 
That evening we went to Fat Fish for RIBS. They were as good as ever!  I think we walked back and forth from hotel that night.
One day we went to the watchmaker so Bill could get a new battery in one of his watches. We see him every year. He asked Bill why he hadn't seen him driving by in the Jeep. - OH NO - don't bring up Jeep. 
We spent a lot of time going places. Plaza Machado. When the cruise ships are in there is always entertainment there. 
We also went to the optometrist so Bill could find out if distance glasses would improve his quality of life. After an eye test he decided they did help. So got two pairs of glasses. US$150. 
Back to Plaza Machado to Gaia Restaurant for lunch. Our favorite salads, First mine. Yum.
And his.  Other than hotel, eating out was our largest expense. US$1510... Yep we ate out a lot. 

We were there during Carnival so we got to enjoy all the statues along the Malecon. 

Also went to the Plazuela Machado a couple of times at night to listen to our friend Rafael play. and sing. 

We took a few trips to La Noria and El Quelite and La Martina restaurant. One with a professional driver $$$$! Most with friends that were also in Mazatlan with a truck. Thank you so much. 

In total we spent US$ 4560 for everything. Air fare, wheelchair pushers tips, glasses, food, eating out, transportation, hotel and a few souvenirs. About US$150 a day. When we RV we spend around US$75 a day.  That includes RV park, fuel for both vehicles, permits and insurance, eating out, groceries, etc, etc. We gave all the non consumable things we bought to one of our friends who lives there. 

We have decided we don't like flying or living in a hotel or having to eat out so much. Guess we are spoiled by so many years of RVing. 
We are both glad we went but sad that it might be the last time and that we didn't have the RV and Jeep. 


Ruth's Life is Good said...

Hi Carol: You had a terrific time and the costs were very reasonable. A win!!

The inconvenience of not having your own place to stay nor your own vehicle is certainly a hindrance but not insurmountable.

Grandma on the Road said...

I would enjoy the eating out as well, but that ribs meal looks like enough for two or three people? Did you take leftovers home, I assume? And gorgeous salad.


Mark said...

I think staying in a different place would make a very big improvement to your trip.

Kathy Tycho said...

One day at a time. Mazatlan's pull will come in the fall and a better accommodation would help. Even now, with the house, we miss the RV. Times change and we must too. Hopefully Bill's eyes will continue to improve..😊

SandyM said...

Thanks for this post, Carol. You are so good at keeping a running total of your expenses whereas I usually just have a total that we spend. But do like to know how much we spend on accommodation now that we no longer RV. Do not know if we will ever get over the longing of RV travel when we see so many RV’s traveling South in the Fall and early Winter. Already trying to decide if I will be a solo traveler to Mexico in January 2025.

Carol and Bill said...

Ruth - I guess we are just spoiled we've RVd for so many years. But it did seem expensive for what we do and what we usually do for much less money.
Judy - The ribs are not only big they are delicious and very inexpensive Two full meals for about US$18. Not only was that salad pretty it was GOOD.
Mark - time will tell.
Kathy - He says he will not fly again and won't go without a car. Also he will continue to have to have the eye shots every two to three months - so that limits our traveling time.
Sandy - Yep, I keep track of every peso/dollar spent. Have a program in Office Access that does all calculations and exchange rates for me. Also liters to gallons. Makes it easier. Our RV is just sitting there for a year. I am trying to convince myself I should learn to drive it. BUT....