Thursday, July 4, 2024


Just a quick post to let every one know we have not finished roasting yet but it will be iffy for the next week. At least the humidity is low. 

Went to heart doctor yesterday - only 113 outside - he told us we are both boring. All tests are good, blood pressure is good, all is well come back next year. Always glad to hear that. 
Not doing much except trying to stay cool. These older manufactured homes aren't built for the kind of heat we are getting. June only had two days below one hundred. Most were close to or over 110. July is starting out worse. UGH!!!

In my last post I put in  a picture of the highway from Chili to Argentina that was taken recently by someone. Well here is a picture of it I took in 1978. Hasn't changed much since then.

Keeping busy with a new diamond dotz picture and finishing up my 2nd "fall" pillow cover. Also doing a lot of ready. Too warm to do anything else. 

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SandyM said...

Happy July 4th to both of you. Always happy to hear “Come back again next YEAR!”. Great words. Those temperatures are wayyyyyy too high. Do not think I have experience more than 101F. I am excited to hear when you are taking a little trip in the RV and hope you will get the courage to go South of the Border in a few months! I will stay tuned for that news. Have some ice cream to celebrate the day.