Monday, July 8, 2024


 Las Vegas is outdoing itself!  Broke  all highest records yesterday.. This is from the OFFICIAL thermometer for the city. I imagine it was hotter in some areas.  

And this is the forecast for the next week. Such fun. On Wednesday Bill has an eye doctor
 appointment at one o'clock in the afternoon. Sure glad the AC in the Jeep was fixed a couple of months ago. 

While taking pictures off the TV I got a snap of this one. This is going on about four blocks from us. SWAT team and Metro and Sheriffs all out there. No information about what is going on yet. But glad we don't have to go any where as Tropicana is completely blocked off. 

One of my sons posted this picture the other day. Long, long, long time ago. Paul in the back, John and Gil in middle and Randy and Dennis in front. 
And I finally finished this "fall" pillow cover. Turned out kind of pretty. Colorful any way. 
And that is all that is going on around here. Watching the soccer games,  So far Argentina is doing good. 

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Nancy Kissack said...

I remember ... many moons ago ... walking down Las Vegas Boulevard in high heels when it was 115. We had to walk almost a mile. All along the way were folks with ice chests selling water for $1.00. That was the last time I ever went to Vegas in the summer!! LOVE that pillow!!!