Saturday, October 12, 2019

Been an unusual week.

I don't know where to begin. I can't believe it is only one week - seems like months have gone by.
Last Thursday we had appointments to get all our medical lab work done. That went off without a problem - well almost. I still have a bruise on my arm - one week later - still deep purple and about the size of a golf ball. Stuck the needle in my arm and wiggled it around saying "Oh, that's a slippery one. There I've got it."
Did some errands and went home. Had appointments to go get our drivers licenses renewed. Because four years ago when we got the Nevada licenses we got the "REAL" ones - where you need 50 proofs of everything including your last born's foot prints from hospital - well not quite that bad but it took a lot of paperwork - I thought it would be simple to renew them. NOT!  First we had to fill out a big long form. Asking many of the same questions we answered four years ago. Bill was filling his out so I started working on mine. Well the more I wrote the more my hand shook. Each word I wrote got progressively shaker and harder to read. So I waited and Bill finished my form. We'd been watching one of the clerks near where we were sitting. She was having a hard time with the man she was working with and we could see her patience flying away. So guess what clerk we got. Yep, she was not smiling when we got to her, rather abrupt. Oh goody. She takes our paperwork and old licenses. She looks over my paperwork. "Where does this say you were born? Your writing is awful shaky. What's the cause of that?"
I answer "essential tremors."
She gives me a yah sure look. "You didn't put your license number on here!" But then she writes it down. Continues to check my application, fills in some blanks, each time giving me a dirty look. Finishes my paper work and gets Bills.
 "Do you have your naturalization papers?" ]
"Citizenship papers or Passport, do you have it?"
"Not with me."
"Well you need something to prove your a citizen."
"But I already gave them all that when I got the license four years ago."
"Well we need to see it again! Maybe they can pull it up." And she gets up to go talk to someone. We're dumbfounded. Back she comes but she has with a copy of a passport - I see it and say, "That's my passport." She glares at it. Then turns to Bill, "Your social security number doesn't match your information. Whats your number?"
Bill gives her is number, she inputs it still doesn't match. You know how once you say a number wrong you for the life of you can't remember the right one. Also Bill is having a hard time hearing her. We are in a huge office with lots of people talking and a loud speaker blaring "now serving number... in the back ground and she is talking low. "Do you have hearing aids?" she asks him. Did you leave them home?" As she writes Hearing Aids on the paper work.
Bill says, "NO I don't have hearing problems, just is just noisy in here." At home he can hear me sneaking potato chips when the bag crinkles. She doesn't believe him. Any way, again what is the correct ssn - finally he gets the one wrong number right and he matches the info in the computer. She leaves again and comes back with a copy of his passport. Thank goodness, guess we won't end up in jail. Now it is time for the eye test.
":Read the number on the top line. I went first so I read them off "4398 0731." Feeling good that I could see them.
"You left off four numbers."
"That's all there were." Do you have glasses?"
 "Put them on." I did - still only saw two sets of numbers. Then I closed one eye - OH YES saw the other four numbers read them off.
"Good, she says. writing something down. That will be $18.75, swipe your card through the reader."
Then she tells Bill, "Read the numbers."
Same thing happens to him, can only see two of the sets of three and he is wearing his glasses. Takes them off, puts them back on and squints and finally sees last set of numbers. Paid for his license. What an ordeal, for a while I was afraid neither of us would get them renewed. Now we have four more years till we have to do this again.
The next day, Friday Bill took the Jeep to the welder already wrote about that. Later he went out and crawled under the Jeep to retape all the wires to the lights on the tow bar. When he came back in he looked exhausted. Didn't think too much of it. Its hard laying on your back and working with your arms up especially in the heat. A couple of hours later he really didn't look good. Asked him if he was feeling okay. Kind of an UH answer. Not long after I heard him in the bathroom talking about Ralph. I think in all our years together I've only seen him ralphing once or twice. Well this continued for hours. I had him drink some water and it shot back up. By now it was midnight. Too long. Called paramedics. Off to hospital he went. I rode in ambulance with them as I cannot drive at night, the glare from headlights blinds me. Got him settled down so the ralphing stopped and IVs to replenish the fluids. But decided to keep him there for a while and probably release him in the afternoon. . So now a problem, 5:30 in the morning and I wanted to go home. Called a cab. Got the only cabby in the city who had no idea where our major cross streets were. So I had to tell him every turn to get home.
I went back to hospital later in afternoon. Nurse said he would probably be released soon. Then in came doctor, he didn't like some of the blood work, but would check it again at 5:00 and might release him then. I mentioned that it would have to be before dark. Well at 6:30 we got the news he would spend the night. Lovely - it was just about dark. I flew out of there, by the time I got to car it was DARK. I didn't want to take the main boulevards as they always have lots of traffic. So I took the back way that passes a big stadium. Wouldn't you know there was a big event going on there. Traffic in both directions for blocks. I was fine with the taillights, but once I passed the gates all the incoming traffic was in front of me. Thank goodness I didn't have far to go, I know the people behind me didn't appreciate how slow I was going. Too bad. So glad to get home!
Went back to see him Sunday morning. They needed more blood work at noon then would decided if he could come home. By now he was feeling good. Up and walking around, anxious to leave. I left did errands and went home. Finally called me and said come get me. Got out around three. Consensus was some kind of Food Poisoning. We hadn't eaten out and I hadn't cooked for him. So.... But most important he is better now.
Then on Monday I got sick, think it was just nerves, only lasted a day.      During this time one of our sons was also having some medical problems and in the hospital and seeing specialists. He too has been home for a week.
And that my friends was only the beginning of our fun 10 days.  Have not even been able to play with my new camera.         


Mark said...

OMG. So happy that you both are feeling better. Unbelievable what you had to go thru just to renew your licence, I just did mine online, It took about 3 minutes. Well at least Bill left the hospital without losing any internal body parts. Say Hi to him for me.

NormSusan said...

Glad to hear everything is better. Sorry you had to go through that.

SandyM said...

Goodness what an ordeal to renew your license. Hope you both are feeling better and back on the road to good health.

Nasus and Molly said...

Holy Cow! That was a week from hell. I would have been a basket case from day one! Thank goodness things are looking up now. Since you also got sick it sounds like you both had some kind of norovirus like cruise ships are famous for spreading around. Hope this week is a better one for you all!

Jackie McGuinness said...

So glad you are both okay. Been I while since I visited, I need to catch up.
Doesn't sound like food poisoning to me.
What a palaver to get a driver's license renewed! We just do it online.

Carol and Bill said...

We are too old to do it on line. Or to do it on line we need forms filled out by our doctor and optometrist. We thought it would be easier to just go. I still have five more days of intravenous antibiotics to go. Putting lots of miles on my car.

Carol and Bill said...

What ever it was he was REALLY sick, I was just upset stomach for a day.Think it was just nerves for me.

Carol and Bill said...

Good think we only have to do it every four years.

Carol and Bill said...

At least it is done and he is feeling 100% again.

Contessa said...

Oh My!! I am so very sorry that you have been through the wringer. Glad Bill is back to normal.