Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Still catching up

My calendar for the month of October looks like it has measles there are so many things scheduled. 
Bill spent part of Saturday making a big batch of chicken milanese Lots for the freezer for sandwiches and quick dinners.
Any excuse to use the new camera. Had it set on Gourmet to take the picture of the food. Now if I just remember to use that option when taking food shots. 
Just a micro shot with the new camera. Lantanas are such pretty flowers. Love that they can be two different colors. 
Getting our house cleaned room by room. Almost done with that. Amazing how dusty it can get when closed up and empty. Still have to make an appointment to get my eyes checked, my glasses don't seem to be helping any more. It has been several years. I'll get the eye exam here but the lenses in Mexico. As our friend the optometrist there will put the new lenses in my favorite old frames. [I had started typing this a couple of days ago.] But yesterday I did get one thing accomplished, called eye doctor in the morning and was in and out by 4:00 in the afternoon. They strongly suggested I get cataract surgery on both eyes. So guess might do that next summer. So this morning got a call from the cataract surgery place, wanting to make an appointment for me. What? Guess the eye doctor sent them  referral paperwork.
Didn't go out at all over the weekend the winds were howling. I thought our poor Palo Verde tree was going to blow over. 
Crappy NASCAR race Sunday. 
Just got home from more errands. Had to buy a new Nook e-reader as mine refuses to download any new books, plus it scrambled all the old ones. Use to have the most recent first - now????
Also got cash to fix the Jeep Friday. And picked up a 90 day supply of all our meds for both of us. EGAD! Thank goodness for insurance. Not only a busy month an expensive one what with the new camera and Nook. We still need to go someplace where I can really try out my new camera. Maybe next week. 


SandyM said...

Carol if the cataracts are bad and ready to be removed new glasses will not help your vision. Better to have them removed sooner rather then later. You will be amazed how your vision will improve. It is one of the best things I did for my eyes....maybe give this a rethink?

fastalker said...

I agree with Sandy. I just had cataract surgery a week ago. Best thing ever! Can't get over the difference in colors and I don't have to wear my glasses anymore!

Carol and Bill said...

I plan on getting it done next summer. Too close to leaving time for the winter to get it done now.

Carol and Bill said...

Plan on it next summer, just no time right now.

TC said...

Thanks for all the great pictures, Do you freeze your chicken milanese before you cook it or cook it and then freeze. Thanks