Monday, August 15, 2022

A mural I like.

Wow! Just got a scare. All of a sudden my computer went black. A blue screen came up and told me to try restarting the computer - that Windows had encountered a problem and shut down. Lucky for me every thing has started up fine. But first thing I did was back up my files to an external hard drive. Just in case.

Here is the sight we encountered on our way home from the doctor on Friday. Looking towards where we live, just a few blocks away the really black sky was right over our house area. There were heavy buffeting winds too. They even knocked the car around. We stopped and went for a late lunch and when we got out of the restaurant the sky was blue. When we got home the rug on the patio was blown around but not a drop of rain.  Not for us any way. Parts of town flooded. A couple of the casinos had rain in their gaming areas, a couple of schools had rain inside and the washes were full enough to drown a couple of people. Yes! it does rain in the desert. And it remains humid - about 50% humidity, not used to that. It was about 2:30 in the afternoon.

Bill had the appointment with his heart doctor. The doctor has decided not to do an angiogram at this time. The problem isn't bad enough to do any thing that invasive. Bill has no symptoms i.e., pain, shortness of breath etc. So he told us to go enjoy our winter and he'd see us in the spring. Although he really would like to see Bill in January, but understands why we don't want to drive home then. 
This was the sunset last night. As is the header too. Clouds and stray storms are still around. 
Haven't seen the bunny for a while, so was surprised to see him last evening in the back yard. 
Today we had to go across town to visit our primary doctor. All done with doctors now till next year. Every time we go there we  pass a great set of murals. So this time remembered to turn off the main street and go into their parking lot so I could get some pictures. These guys are out front of it. 
And more pictures of aliens around the lot and building  It looks like they are preparing the back building for something. Maybe more mural. 

But the following are the murals I really wanted to get pictures of. One side of the building. We see this as we go to the doctor.
The other side, we see coming home. Excuse the antenna from the car. Forgot we weren't in the Jeep - have taken its antenna off so it doesn't get in pictures. 
And this one takes up the whole side of another building. It is amazing. Wish no one was parked in the way of the photo. 
So much detail in the background. This is the back end of it. 
The middle. 
The front. The colors are amazing and so is the work. 
Hope you enjoy them. 


Contessa said...

Great photos. I have been wondering how you both were doing re the weather and also the doctors appointment. Seems like you made a great many phone calls with added stress for the insurance company for nothing. Good news for Bill. Love the sunset shots.

Mark said...

Wish we had more murals here where I live. Sounds like it's good news for Bill.

SandyM said...

Your photos are always great and I enjoy them. Good news for Bill re his health. Hope you can get on the road in the Fall. Our plans are to spend 2 months in Mazatlan this Winter.