Thursday, August 25, 2022

Doing puzzles and getting out some.

I'm always surprise so much time has gone by since my last post. It isn't that I am that busy - it is that I spend so much time doing nothing, I get nothing done. So then I have to do it the next day too. I think I mentioned that Bill bought me five new puzzles - good ones, not the cheap stuff I usually do. Four of them are 1000 pieces and one is 2000 pieces. So this is the first one I did. Took up 1/3rd of our dining room table when all the pieces were spread out.  Here is about the 2nd day - I only work on them when I feel like it or as I go passed it. 

The final few pieces to finish it. It took about five days. Like I said I might only work on it 30 minutes to an hour all day, in short spurts. When I spend over a few minutes without finding a piece I leave it till later. It was fun to do. 
In between puzzles I do have a life. I discovered my new phone takes amazing pictures, especially of sunset and sunrises. But I have a hard time holding the phone comfortably - and trying to keep my fingers away from the lens - biggest fear is dropping it. So Bill found me strap to put around my wrist when I'm using it for photos. The strap clips off when not using it. Makes me feel more secure. The phone and I are still having discussions. It has facial recognition but only recognizes me part of the time. Grrr...Us older ones don't work so good with new tech sometimes. 
And this is the second puzzle I did. Actually this is the full sized picture of it that comes in the box. Pretty isn't it. But there is a whole lot of blue sky. I got the outside done and started on the sky. And worked on it and worked on it and left it and came back to it. Then I noticed there was writing on the back of the pieces. Hummmm......
There were alphabet letters on the back. The area I was working on were all A's. OH MY goodness the whole puzzles was marked by sections A through H.
Here the pieces are divided by A, B and C.  So much easier to do. Bill said it was cheating. I said if the company put the letters there it was so I could/should use them. 
It still took quite a few days to finish it. And it was NOT cheating. 
Picture of sunrise over the Wetlands taken with the phone. 

We have left the house a few time. To go for breakfast and grocery store. And drug store to pick up prescriptions. Got a shock with one of them. The actual cost of the medication went up $500 since last time we got it filled. From $1759 to $2348 for 90 day supply with out insurance. Thank goodness for our insurance. But it too went up from 60 to 100 dollars for 90 day supply. Without the insurance we'd be up the creek. 
Got my mustang detailed yesterday, it looks so nice now. But will have to spring to have it repainted one of these days. Lots of scratches on it that wont buff out. But it is 22 years old. 
I continue to work on the wall hangings. Every one we know is getting one for Christmas - want it or not. 
Our weather continues to be very weird. We've had more days under 100 than over this month. But with the lower temperatures came clouds and lots of humidity - not used to that. 
So we are starting to plan for going to Mexico for the winter. Need to make reservations for one campground in Arizona for sure. 
In the last month and a half five bodies have come up out of Lake Mead. Two of them were in barrels - sounds like the mob to me. Three were just bones. Heard today one was identified, a man who drowned in 2002. Hope they can identify all of them. Maybe one is Hoffa! 
So not much else going on. 


Anonymous said...

Always great to hear from you. Cool day here up in Washington. Those 90 degree days were killer! Ha ha. Best to you both. Dirk

SandyM said...

Nice sunrise photos. I like both of the puzzles. Kids got me a puzzle of hot air balloons that I will enjoy putting together - maybe that will keep me busy for a week or two. Happy to see your post.

norm said...

The puzzle looks like Almafi Coast of Italy, where I served in the Navy Hospital in Naples. Looks just like it in real life too.

Carol and Bill said...

Dirk good to hear from you. I would love a 90 degree day. We are in an extreme heat warning here for a few days. But it is DRY heat again.
Sandy - I almost always have a puzzle going. Every time I go past I try to put in a few pieces.
Norm. The puzzle is of the Almafi Coast. So pretty there. Makes me want to go again.