Tuesday, August 9, 2022

More weird weather and Christmas trees.

Our weather continues to be very weird. I don't ever remember so many days under 100 in August. Humidity continues to be from 30 to 60 percent - depending on time of day. It even feels sticky in the house. 

Had to have blood drawn this morning. I forgot how long the fasting time feels when you can't even have coffee. So first thing we did after the vampire had his go at me was go to Denny's for breakfast. And of course I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and then just dozed off and on until I finally got up. 
Still in the quilting mood. I decided to make a smaller version of the the tree. Just left off every other strip. I like the way it turned out. Didn't use so much material. The big on is 32" x 22 and the small one 22" x 16" - I might take it with us for the RV. 
And then I decided to trim it. That is the fun part. Except for my on going ineptitude with the glue gun. 
Next time I'll make the trunk shorter. Didn't even think of that when putting it together. 
The humid weather makes for some interesting skies. Last night's sunset.
And the sky this morning just after sunrise. Looking at the weather map we might get a big storm later today. Coming from Arizona. 
Oh goody, son just called and offered to send a couple of his ladies over - he owns a maid service. Of course he can. So sitting in computer room letting them do my work. Easy to get used to. Oh boy, Bill bought me some puzzles - four 1000 pieces and one two thousand pieces. When I start that one, we won't be able to eat at the table for a couple of weeks. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Nice to hear from you Carol. Say hi to Bill.

Carol and Bill said...

Said HI to Bill, he says HI back and are you coming to Mazatlan this winter?