Monday, April 24, 2023

Doesn't take much to amuse us.

 Summer comes in spurts here. Last few days we've been below normal weather wise. But soon we'll be well above normal. Strange year. And the pollen counts are way above average. Tomorrow the winds pick up again. Guess we'll have to keep the doors closed and run the air purifier.

The community we live in is re- coating the streets. New slurry going down. Not fixing the cracks - didn't fill them in, just sealing them. 
These guys are vacuuming the street. Getting all the debris off I guess. 
Then there were three guys with brooms spreading the slurry along the curbs. 

Here is some they spread. Also my blooming ocotillo.  
One of my favorite plants. 
Such a pretty flower, only lasts a few days.
The cactus is all plumped up from all the rain this year. Hope it flowers.
We have had a busy back yard the last week or so. Some quail - a family I think - two larger ones and three smaller ones have been hanging out here. They usually come every late afternoon. 
Also had a couple of bunnies passing through. And two or three hummingbirds flying around. 
The last few days have not been good for Bill. He is extremely fatigued all day.He will get up for a while, then heads back to bed. He is keeping hydrated and eating three meals a day. And will sit outside for a while in the afternoon. But now with the pollen so high and the winds picking up again being out isn't is good idea. He had to stop using his Flonase nasal spray as it was giving him nose bleeds. So his allergies are bothering him on top of the long Covid. Wish there was something to do for him.
A picture I took in El Quelite, might make a quilted wall hanging of it. Maybe - If I get motivated. 
I did take a walk yesterday morning, just a short one as it was already too warm out. Will try again tomorrow morning earlier. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Just a thought from Eric's experiences. The steroid nasal sprays caused horrible health issues for him. He had breathing issues, exhaustion, strange episodes where he seemed trance like. We stayed home that winter.
He was checked for everything with no results. Stopped the steroid sprays for sinus and he gradually got better. Not the steroid but the carrying agent. He takes one xyzaal allergy pill a day and without it all hell breaks loose! The only allergy pill that has ever wotked. Worth trying.

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - thanks, will pick some up next time I get out. Hope they work. With the allergies on top of the long covid he is miserable.