Saturday, April 1, 2023

Long way home. But here now.

 We are so glad to be home. Neither of us are functioning at full capacity. I'm doing much better than Bill. Though a little while ago I sat down to watch the car race on TV and woke up in the middle of the truck race. No idea who won the car race, or when it ended. Today I'm mostly not doing any thing except trying to catch up on computer things. I have every thing off my laptop and on to my PC. But still want to back up the PC. Try to do it at end of every month. Also cooked breakfast, I feel both of us need to get on a regular eating schedule that might help with the exhaustion.

Here is the route we took home. Our son Gil flew into Tucson Tuesday night and stayed at a hotel by the airport. He took an Uber to the RV park. He mentioned it was not as easy to find an Uber in Tucson as in Vegas. Then the driver dropped him off at the wrong RV park. Luckily it right next door to where we were staying, just involved a short walk for him. We left the park at 7:00. Weather was most good for first half of trip. We made at stop in Eloy for breakfast at Denny's - took forever to get food. Then on to Gila Bend to get gas. By the time we made it to the I-10 the wind was picking up. 

Some of the roadside flowers blooming in the desert.
We were saying, oh those poor people, glad we aren't going that way. Couple of miles backup.
And then it was our turn...
More flowers. 

Got more gas at Pilot on I-40 and Havasu. Winds picked up. On 95 heading north we got some rain. Off in the distance it was really dark and raining. Wind continued to blow. 
Colors in the clouds. 
I think this was the most vivid rainbow I have ever seen. It got even better than this.  Taking picture through the window. 
A double rainbow. 
We pulled in front of the house at 6:30. 502 miles. Bill got feeling car sick about Havasu and had miserable ride the rest of the way. Our son unloaded the fridge and freezer and took that stuff in the house. He also helped take out the electronics - laptops some drone stuff etc. Then he made sure furnace was working, hot water working and my car would start. By then it was 7:30 and he was beat. Got an Uber home. Thank God for his help or we would still be in Amado.  Our side yard. The gardener has been busy. But I see some new growth on the plants already. 
Thursday our son, who owns a maid service, sent over one his workers to completely empty the RV and bring everything inside. And then she cleaned it. He told her to make sure we relaxed. And she did. Friday he came over and helped unload some of the stuff that was outside. Then he took it to be smogged and parked it in the storage lot. Don't know what we would have done without him. 
Sunrise over the desert Saturday morning.
Have made an appointment for Bill with ophthalmologist Monday afternoon. I sure hope something can be done for him. And I hope he doesn't have to fill out a bunch of forms. He can't see to fill them out and my hands shake so much I can't write three letters that can be read. Should be interesting. I did a few catching up things today. Then sat down to watch the NASCAR xfinity car race and woke up in the middle of the truck race. I feel kind of okay, not coughing or nose blowing but still get tired quick. Bill is having a harder time of it. Very fatigued. So trying to remember to cook us meals and eat them.  Enough for now. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Glad you are home. So great to have a wonderful son like Gil. Now, rest up and get better. Hugs.

SandyM said...

You are safely home thanks to your son, Gil. I hope all goes well for Bill’s eye appointment - our vision is so precious. Rest, can’t say it enough, drink, eat and rest.

Anonymous said...

Poco a poco. You have got thru the get home to do stuff. Now relax and get better. Meals area good idea but if you don't feel like eating then be sure to take some protein every so often like cheese, nuts, peanut butter, eggs, fish and meat.

Thank Gil for taking care of our friends.


Anonymous said...

Doug and Nancy - believe me we really are grateful to Gil for all he did.
Sandy - We are still taking it easy. Eye appt not to hopeful, having to go to retina eye doc end of month.
Contessa - Hope you are feeling better now. believe me we are resting, taking it easy and eating well. And so glad to be home, even with cold windy weather.

Bill and Carol said...

for some reason google is not recognizing me....