Saturday, September 23, 2023

More goings on around here.

It is a beautiful day today, didn't walk because it was raining this morning and now everything is muddy. Bill's vision keeps improving. Last time at retina doctor he could read all but the last smallest line of the eye test. His first appointment he couldn't even read the first huge single letter. He still has problems though. Hard to see things on the TV unless room is very dark, then he can't see the buttons on the Remote. We got a Roku TV and he is having problems with it. Seeing the boxes on the home screen and using the remote. But at least now we can watch the Major League Soccer games and watch Messi play for Miami. Will not be giving up Dish for a while though. 

For the first time in a long time Bill was outside playing with one of his drones. 

And the last couple of days he has been feeling very good, no fatigue. Fingers crossed.  So he was out working on the Jeep. Poor Willie, the Jeep, lost his Mojo on the way home from Mexico. Now he is slowly getting it back. Bill was painting the newly welded part that goes to the tow bar and the bar for the spot lights. A month ago he couldn't have done this. 
More about the welding another day. 
He is rightly proud of himself. 

And a major change for me. I have been letting my hair grow since the last few weeks in Mexico . It finally reached the "DO SOMETHING" stage. Before - blurry picture but good enough to get an idea of why something had to be done.

AFTER  for the first time in 25 years I went to a beauty salon. The result.
Talk about sticker shock!!! Four times what I used to pay for a permanent. 

In this picture you can see two of my Diamond dotz pictures. The sunflowers and the Rooster. Not a good picture of them - they look much prettier in real life. 
This will take some getting used to. I don't even own a brush or comb anymore. 
We have someone coming today to go under the house to check out the stability of the jacks. So I'll feel better knowing that there isn't a grand canyon running right next to the jacks.
Wow - went to grocery store yesterday morning...past a couple of gasoline stations. Some unleaded was up to $5.09.  It is going up every day. We haven't been going out much so it's only been 34 miles since we put gas in car was only 4.28 then.
I have been playing with Roku. Found some good sounding recipes (of course can't find them again...) Also an old TV series I really like Burn Notice. So have been watching it. Some strange stuff on the Roku channels. 


Anonymous said...

Your new hair "do", looks very nice...

Doug and Nancy said...

Love, love the new hair...knocked it out of the park!! So glad Bill is back feeling and seeing better. I think I even see that mischievous twinkle back in his eyes!!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks fabulous! 😍 glad Bill is doing better! 🥳

Mark said...

Hair looks good. Big change for sure. Bill out doing things unsupervised is a frightening thought. LOL. Great that he is feeling better.

Grandma on the Road said...

I also really like your hair! Can you get away with just washing it and running your fingers through it while it is wet?

Glad to hear Bill is doing so much better. Maybe you can find a TV control with lighted buttons.

Nancy Kissack said...

Hair salons .... not cheap, but worth it in the long run. That looks like a fabulous welding job to me!! I bet he's happy to be getting his eyesight back!! Love your dot pictures. I really want to try it.

Janet said...

Your hair, amazing! Looks fantastic! Lots of changes with the rain and floods, looks like it will take awhile to sort everything out. So happy that Bills sight is improving and his stamina is returning.

Contessa said...

LOVE,LOVE, LOVE your hair. Perfect 'do' for you. You look so much younger. You will get use to it. Great news about Bill's eyes. I'm sure that he is relieved to be able to see again and get his life back.


SandyM said...

Indeed the hair change is terrific and will take a little more time each day but a great change. So very happy to hear Bill’s eyes continue to improve and he is out and about doing the things he enjoys.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you every one for the comments on my hair, it is taking me some time to get used to it. It is pretty much wash and wear until it grows out some more.
Mark - he says he can see okay. But...
Judy - yep so far just wash and dry and pick it.
Nancy - almost fell over when they told me price of permanent! We are both happy with Bill's progress with his sight and his renewed energy. For sure, try the dot pictures, lots of fun to do.
Janet - it will take a while to get all the area we live in cleaned up. And dealing with the management is a joke.
Contessa - thank you. He has quite a bit of improvement with his sight. Thank goodness.
Sandy - He is much happier when he is busy.