Monday, April 1, 2024

Last couple of weeks of March

 Mostly I haven't written because I've been tired. No reason just feeling lazy. Been doing a lot of reading. I like Johnathon Kellerman books so have gone back to the beginning of the Alex Delaware series and reading them. He started writing them in the late 1980's. So much has changed since then - the main character spends a lot of time hunting for pay phones. doing research in the library - no real use of computer databases' then. 

I've been walking in The Wetlands a few times since last blog. The warmer weather has really brought out the green out  there. Looking so much prettier than during the winter. 

Even some pink flowers on this bush. 
One day we were hoping to finish our walk before this cloud moved over us. Got lucky, it went over the western side of town. We stayed dry.
They are doing a lot of work trying to replace a lot of the dirt washed away by the flood.
Our ocotillo is starting to bloom. It gets bright red flowers on the end of each branch.  No green leaves yet though. 
Bill has had quite a few not so good days this month. When he gets the extreme fatigue it bothers his eye, It bothered him so much this time we got an emergency appointment with the retina doctor. Luckily it wasn't a busy day so the doctor spent quite a bit of time talking to him and showing him  pictures of his last appointment and this appointment. There was no difference in the eye. And he said Bill shouldn't go blind, but things won't get better. Next shot is in a month. Also when he got his energy back, his eye worked better again. 
Here he is watching TV on his new computer monitor. A 40 inch Roku TV. All set up for computer, Roku and Dish. So he is happier with the larger screen. No more magnifying glass to read.
A couple of pictures from one walk. People need to respect nature!
The reason for the sign. 
I've been working on a lap quilt. Here it is all pinned up getting for quilting
Just starting the quilting. 
Today I sewed the binding on. All hand work left now. 
Finally got all my pictures hung up again. The small one is of me in a NASCAR - years ago I took a ride around the track in Las Vegas. Notice I said Ride not Drive. I'd like to do it again. The big wood sunflower Bill made for me. The other three are Diamond Paintings I've done.
And finally got my curtains up. Bill did it for me. They are sunflowers and writing that says Live, Love and Laugh. 
Some more Diamond Paintings. Bought a set of six on Amazon for $20. All with flowers, birds and sayings. Also bought the frames on Amazon, three for $20 
A closer look at one of them. Not enough light on them to make them sparkle in this picture. 
Lots of things I need to do but putting off  Oh - filled up my car a couple of weeks ago $3.88 a gallon, now same gas station $4.70 a gallon. Glad it is full. We have to get the RV running as it needs to be smogged before it can be registered. Same with Jeep. I did change our vehicle insurance. We've had Progressive for years. This year prices went sky high so checked around. Settled on Hartford AARP. Saved over three thousand dollars by switching for same coverage and same deductible $500.


Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear from you. Hope Bill feels better soon. The lap quilt is beautiful, of course sunflowers are the best!!
Cheers and hugs to you both!

Anonymous said...

Not sure why we are suddenly "Anonymous", never used to be!
Nancy and Doug

Carol and Bill said...

Nancy - no idea it does to me every once in a while too.

Larry Luening said...

Glad to see your post. The pictures were great. I totally agree with your comment about the shape of cars today. Be well.