Monday, July 19, 2021

Monsoon time in the desert

Remember that old saying - "When it rains it pours." For sure that is what happened here Sunday.

Sunday morning started out bright and sunny. Bill's friend bunny came to visit for a while. 

The weather forecast was for slight chances of rain. I was watching the NASCAR race - after it restarted because of rain when I heard some rumbling. Thunder? Then the pitter patter of rain on the patio cover. Oh my gosh we were actually getting rain drops.  Sky was still kind of blue, but we will take what ever drops we can get. Short video. 
Seemed to be raining harder out front then out back, The side walk and street were getting wet!
More dark clouds now then blue sky. 
So I went back to watching the race - more about that later - a loud crack of thunder and heavy rain started. So ran out with my camera. First I opened the front door - bad idea. Then I went out to stand under the patio. The VERY LOUD rumble of thunder came when a lightening bold struck the wetlands, not far from us. 
An actual puddle in front of the steps. 
The water was starting to come up over the curb!
And there goes the TV. I wasn't really interested in the race anyways. 
Wind shifted and rain was coming in on the patio. Visibility was way down.
Then the phone went off, I jumped a foot - really loud warning sound. 
After the rain when the sun was coming out later in the day. 
Liked the way it lit up the mountains around us. Humidity was up into high 70%.

So our excitement for Sunday, Our area got .96 inches of rain in less than an hour. Really needed it, but not all at once. Actually this week it might rain every day. At least the temperatures are going to be below 105, a couple of days even below 100. BUT the humidity is way up. Sticky, sticky. Dew point is 65! Like when we lived in Indiana - muggly weather.
So that is my itty bitty news for today. 

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