Sunday, July 25, 2021

Covid buying again

Went to WalMart yesterday morning and about 1/4 of the shelves in grocery store were empty. Lots of canned and packaged goods not available. A couple of things on my list weren't available, just empty shelves. And the rest of the store was a mess. They are remodeling and the aisles are being put closer together, no way two carts going opposite ways can pass. Also no one knows where anything is. This will go on till middle of August...Couldn't even go out the door without going back through an empty check stand (no lack of them) to main aisle to get to exit door. Glad we were there when it wasn't busy. 

Another cloudy and gray day, it had been raining around the area of WalMart. All of the power poles that went down the other day are back up and half of highway is open. But starting this afternoon we will be under flash flood watch. With lots of rain probable on later today and Monday.

Got my sewing machine back yesterday. Used it for just plain sewing this morning. Made Bill a cover for one of his tablets he uses with his drones. Used the embroidery attachment to make the label for the quilt. Things worked better then they have in a long time. 

They are bringing new homes into the community where we live now, three so far and 17 more on the way. Since two years ago the exact same home has gone up $100,000. What were once $149,000 are now from $249,000 to $299,900! These are 3 bedroom, 2 bath manufactured homes. And you do not own the land, it is rented! They have no garages, just driveways with an aluminum cover. Side and back yards are about five feet wide. WOW. Partly the price raise is due to lumber and transportation costs going up. 

If we'd have taken our trip today we would have been in southern Washington state. Right were a lot of the smoke is. So guess I'm glad we stayed home. It is warmer than usual there too. 

Opened the door when I got up at 5:30 and the heat and humidity hit me like a blast. No going outside today or for a couple of days to come. 

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