Wednesday, July 7, 2021

We should have been in Idaho now - oh well.

The dirty word of the day is technology - especially new technology. A few days ago my cell phone updated. Now it does all kinds of strange things it never did before. Driving me crazy.

Also on my laptop I have Microsoft Office 365. It also updated a month or so ago. My PC uses an old 2003 version of Office. Years ago I used Access to set up a data base for using when we travel. It keeps tract of every thing and does all the calculating automatically as I set it up that way. i.e. pesos to dollars, liters to gallons. Running totals etc. Well when I was getting my laptop ready for our trip I transferred my database from my PC to the laptop. It took some work to get it running okay. Then it told me I would not be able to transfer it back to the 2003 version any more, like I have been able to do every year. It really wouldn't make any difference except I keep all maintenance on the Jeep and RV and my address book info in it and tend to up date things when we are home and I'm using my PC. Guess now I will have to up date both versions, unless I can figure out a work around. 

Saw something on Internet that I wholly agree with "Lord, what ever you are cooking, it is done now."  Since beginning of June we have had 30 days over 100 and about 10 over 110! And here comes the next weeks weather forecast. It is the "low" temperatures that really make it bad. Never going cooler than 88. "But at least it is dry heat" yeh, just like a convection oven is dry heat.

We did have a few days with some clouds which made for kind of pretty skies. Sunrise yesterday morning, Bill took the pictures I was still snoring. 

We just had a ceiling fan installed in the little room, where my beading table is. Planned on just getting a new ceiling light in there because the one there was terrible, but ended up with a fan too. The old light - old as in probably 1989 when this place was built. 
Our new fan, probably should have got a smaller size, but this is okay - more air will be moved. Still have to get longer chains so we can regulate it. But neither of us is interested in going any where during the day to get any thing. Eventually will have to venture out to store for groceries.
I was playing with my painting yesterday and it sure was nice to have the extra light and air. 
Finished another of the National Park puzzles. They are challenging. But fun. 
More mother nature pictures. This is one plant in the back yard. The red flowers on it are a really bright red and the yellow one a very pretty color of yellow. 
Sunset the night before last. No more pretty skies for a while, no clouds will be near us. 
The next to last of the Park puzzles. This one was fun and kind of easy to do. The one left is a 1000 pieces, I think I'm going to have to put the leaf in the table to spread it out. 
Changed out my table decor from 4th of July to summer. We certainly live exciting lives. 
The Covid rate in Vegas is quickly heading up again, just when we were starting to think about going out to a restaurant to eat. We still wear masks when going into any store. Get some strange looks. Thinking about making a mask that says, "I AM VACCINATED - JUST BEING CAREFUL." I imagine that a lot of places will see an increase in a week or so. 
And that is all that's been going on here. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Masks still required here, whether vaccinated or not.

Kathy Tycho said...

Our mask mandate has been lifted but I too will stay masked in public places. Too many dumb anti vaxxers out there incubating new variants­čśí Glad you're keeping busy. We've actually been getting some summer this year.

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - Vegas is going back to wearing masks indoors, vaccinated or not. Saw a TV interview where a lot of foreign tourists are taking advantage of all the vaccinations being given all over Vegas. Wish the people living here would do that.
Kathy - 99 percent of people in hospital with Covid have
not been vaccinated. We have always been wearing our masks in stores.