Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Big change of plans

I should be writing this from the road, but am actually sitting at my computer at home. Yesterday morning we decided we were not going to take the trip we had planned. In fact we aren't taking any trip until the fall. Well that might change if we think of someplace we would like to go that isn't many miles away and not over 100 degrees. 

We are both fine, it just is that the trip got too involved. We had planned on getting out of here much sooner thus giving us a leisurely drive to Oregon. But with the later date the long part of the drive became a real push. Not something either of us like. In a couple of the sections we would have had to go miles out of our way just to find campgrounds. Others, the campgrounds we did find were not some where we would normally want to stay. Then the HOT weather and rain here in Vegas, especially today out "leaving" day. And of course with the heat, rain, and wind I was kind of thinking - this is not going to be relaxing and fun, but didn't want to say any thing to Bill  as I was sure he wanted to get out of the house. Well yesterday morning we were both up at 5 a.m. to get the RV and bring it here to start loading. He said he really didn't have a good feeling about taking the trip. But if I wanted to go we would. That was enough for me to agree. I don't mind staying home.  Sooooo...right now no trip. 

Last night a big storm moved through the area parts of town got rain we didn't - lots and lots of lightening out over the desert. Tried to get pictures of it but just timed the camera wrong. Today it is not so hot but sky is very dark and humidity is way up as are the winds. In the month of June we had 23 days with temperatures over 100 - with several being over 110. Hottest day was 116. Today only going to be 97.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time cancelling all of our reservations. Today I have to deal with Verizon to try to get my old plan back. Don't need unlimited GBs when we are home. Also for some reason they cancelled my International Canada/Mexico plan...Grrrr.  Tried calling their customer service number and it rings twice then nothing. Think we'll go over to a store later and talk to an actual person.  Also had to call post office to cancel our mail being forwarded. Luckily we caught our postman yesterday and he said no problem.  We'll see. 

Just got off phone with Verizon - very nice person. Got all taken care of, kept unlimited which included Can/Mex International and will not be paying any more than before - I hope. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Always good to go with that gut feeling. Plus it is so hot on the west coast. I am hearing how booked up all the camping grounds are.

gumo said...

Iv'e also had those feelings about not going on a planned RV trip and have never regretted cancelling them. Plus, it's always a great feeling to see the refunds come through my credit card.

I enjoy your blog!

Beth said...

Totally understand your decision.

Kathy Tycho said...

When your "spidey sense" says you shouldn't go its good to pay attention. Sorry about your trip but I agree it sounded not so relaxing, another time😊

Carol and Bill said...

Well after watching all the weather reports from where we were going we are glad we are home. Even though the weather here is HOT - at least wee can wander from room to room. So I stay cool and Bill goes where the room is warmer. Also there is a big fire near one of the campgrounds we were going to go to. Maybe we'll take a short trip somewhere if it ever cools down somewhere around us.