Thursday, June 10, 2021

And the days go by.

The days continue to go by. First I want to thank every one for their thoughts, hugs and prayers. I do want to talk a little about Dennis. His birthday is in 6 days, he would have been 63. For the past year and a half his health has been poor and was continuing to worsen. He had heart and lung problems and was just diagnosed with liver problems. So the call we received was not unexpected but - I don't know how to put it - kind of a relief. There was no - you'll feel better or having good days any more. He succumbed to a heart attack. We of course are devastated to lose another son. But we did not wish for him to continue to suffer. This is his senior year picture. He had gone to school that day in "farmer" overalls. Suddenly he came flying through the front door - "It's picture day. I have to change my clothes." This is the result. It doesn't seem that long ago.

A picture he had taken for me to add to my old west family collection. 
We will always love and miss him. 
On to lighter things. My little bush in the back surprised me by really blooming. Life goes on in beautiful ways. 
I was sitting out on the back patio the other morning watching the sun rise - Just thought this looked pretty. 
The sun rise over the desert. 
Mother Nature helps to heal sad hearts. 
On to other things. I think I mentioned we both had appointments with the cardiologist - well that was yesterday. We both got clean bills of health. Every things is good - come back in a year. Sigh of relief. So now we are starting to plan a summer vacation - going to try to find some place cooler. By the end of this week the temperatures will be back up to 115 or higher. Even "dry heat" is hot at that high. 
Another gift from Mother Nature - sunset the other night. 

These were taken with my new camera. Actually it is the exact same camera that I've been using for the last several years. Guess I just took too many pictures with the old one. It got to the point it wasn't usable any more. Every time I turned it on it shut its self off again. I like the features it had so replaced it with the same one. So everyone will have to continue to suffer with my lack of control with pictures. 
For some reason I woke up and got up at 3:45 this morning. I should really put my shoes on and go out to walk before the sun is completely up. Did walk of 3.24 miles on Tuesday and yesterday only made 2 miles as it got hot quickly. The sun beating down on me really wears me out. And I've been using an umbrella to keep some of the sun off. Not working.
And that is all that's been going on around here. 


Marla Terry said...

Hi guys, your son looks like his Dad, when he was young anyways ☺️. Are you two headed for Mazatlan this fall? We are hoping to go, well just have to see if they open the borders. We have been busy renovating back yard and getting a new fence put up. Hope to see you in Maz! 😂❤️

SandyM said...

Mother Nature giving you and Bill comfort at this sad time….the sadness must be overpowering at times - I am so sorry.

Will look forward to learning where you find relief from the heat on your upcoming summer trip.

gumo said...

I did not know Dennis but remember him from your book about your long family trip south. Your book describes a great kid and a happy life. A wonderful remembrance for sure.

Anita Blair said...

Very sad to hear about your son. Will be interested to find out where you find cooler weather.

Kathy Tycho said...

Thanks for sharing Dennis with us..❤I'm glad to hear your tests are clear and that you continue to walk..good for you. Your love of photography is evident in all the beautiful pictures you take..especially in Mazatlan. Here's to a more social winter there this year.

Carol and Bill said...

Marla - yes we hope to go to Maz this winter, right now planning on it baring any unforeseen problems. This summer will be head soon towards the Oregon coast for a month. Every time I work on the travel plans they get longer...
Sandy - we are adjusting slowly. We'll be heading up to Idaho, Washington and Oregon soon.
Gumo - thank you.
Anita - I sure hope the hot weather stays away from the Pacific coast states. Be our luck it will follow us.
Kathy - He had a full life, living it the way he wanted to. Looking forward to Mazatlan this winter.

Doug and Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing so much of your lives Carol. I am sure it must be really hard at these difficult times. As followers of your blog I know I can speak for more than just myself when I say that we all felt your pain and appreciated the effort it took to write about Dennis. Love to you both.