Friday, June 4, 2021

Sunrise and Sunset

 Bill is in living room watching the hockey game. I sure hope they win tonight. They are down two games, but playing here in Vegas tonight. 

The sunset the other night. Liked the rays up into the clouds. 

I "lifted" this from the Internet. Just liked it. 

We have a little bush in the back of our side/front yard. It has had a really rough life since we planted it about five years ago. The first year it had just started to grow when we had a terrible wind storm that tore it in two. Just left a little straggly piece of it. The next year the drip sprinkler didn't work and we were gone for a while and when we got home it was almost dead. Didn't think it would make it. But every spring it has slowly gotten bigger. This year for the first time it bloomed!
It has beautiful little flowers on it and it blooms most of the summer. 
Standing next to the bush looking towards the street - our side/front yard is full of flowers now. 
I haven't done any walking this week, just too HOT. By 7:30 it has already been into the mid 80's. Hopefully by Monday it will be cooler in the morning. It was suggested I walk at night. At 10 o'clock at night it has been in the high 90's...nope, don't think so. So instead I've been cooking, brownies, cookies and banana bread. 
This morning's sunrise. Like the way the bottom of the clouds are lite up. 

The computers are on the west side of the house and the AC vent is under Bill's desk, so it gets pretty warm in here by evening. So this is a short blog. Heading to the living room where it is a little cooler.

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Kathy Tycho said...

We shouldn't feel guilty for doing nothing..we've earned it.