Sunday, May 30, 2021

Memorial Weekend

 It is amazing how quickly time passes and how little I get done in that time. I have continued to walk three times a week. Getting in around 10,000 steps those days. But I think tomorrow will be the last time to walk with the walkers. We are going to start walking at 7:30 tomorrow, but I think that will already be too late. The sun comes up around 5:30 and by 7 it is already hot - for me any way. We'll see tomorrow. I even carry an umbrella now to shade myself. But find I have to quit sooner and I want to take a nap. Not like me.

The next week's weather. Notice the lows - never really cools down. 

Got the house decorated for Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Forgot I had so many things to put out. Not the rooster - the towel. 
Dish towels. 
Stained glass for the kitchen window
Place mats and flowers. 
And a window hanging. 
We had a spectacular sunset the other night. 
Lately there haven't been any clouds, so no pretty colors. This was an exception. 
I continue to work on my baby girl quilt. Bought some material for the sashing and for a set of the squares. Washed it , dried it, sprinkled it and put it in the refrigerator for the night to prepare it for ironing. Bill wanted to know why there was a dish towel in there. Sure makes the ironing easier and nicer when done this way. Memories from my childhood when I did the ironing because my Mom worked. 

I have the front of the quilt done. Now I'm going to patch together a bunch of leftover pieces of batting then put it together with the backing before quilting it. It is prettier than the picture makes it look. 

A closer look at the blocks. Three different blocks of daisy type material. I am finally using the flower material - I've had it for a long time but never had anything to use it for. Except for the darker blue and pink sashing everything is from "my stash."
Also started a new project. I have stacks of CDs and DVDs of trips. So I'm trying to sort them out. Also checking to see if they are still openable (?). Some are made using very old programs like Flip Album. I eventually want to put them all on an external hard drive. Lots from Mexico. The tall stack all from RV trips we've taken. The smaller ones trips to China, Italy, London, Paris, Hawaii, Alaska, and some I don't have any idea where from. Yesterday afternoon we were watching some disks from our trip in the RV in 2004 to Alaska. Already the colors on the photos are getting darker. Didn't think that would happen when they were on DVD. I can't believe I took so many pictures. We just watched 1 1/2 of five disks. Going to take forever. 
Lots of good memories though.
This morning Bill and I walked at 5:30 through a small part of the Wetlands. So nice out at that time. Some pictures to share. Hard to believe it is just a few yards behind our home. The sun just coming up.
Saw lots of little bunnies.
The sun lighting up the top of a tree. 
A rest area. Our shadows. 
Still pond. 
A little creek bubbling through. 
Some one was having fun with chalk in the play ground. 
And then home by 6:15. Sun was already getting hot. Did 4900 steps. Better than nothing. Going to either quilt or work on photo disks until time for the NASCAR race. While I watch it Bill will be watching our hockey team  - they made it out of the first set of games. 

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