Monday, May 10, 2021

Mothers Day Sunday

Monday morning. Will try to get this done and posted before I go walking. Did not get many steps in over the weekend. Tend to be lazy the whole day if I don't get out in the morning. 
Walked into the computer room yesterday morning to see this...Bill made me the sunflower (all carved wood) two years ago. The note and jasmine he put up for Mother's Day. 
 And he also cooked me a whole package of BACON - just for me. I've been saying I wanted to go to a restaurant to get some BACON since we got home from Mexico. He will only eat turkey bacon - not the same. And no I didn't eat all of it. Still have some left for a BLT today. 
He spent most of the day updating the software in his drones. They are a full time job. Here he is out back calibrating the GPS - or something. Has to spin in a circle a couple of times to do it. As you can see it was a beautiful day yesterday. For once no wind. 
Because didn't do much to write about I took some pictures from our yard. The flowers are exploding in our front door side yard. 
The cactus flowers are still blooming. This one is bright yellow instead of pink. 
Not a good picture but my ocotillo is getting new branches, a lot of them. 
Out back, the jasmine has so many flowers we can smell it with the doors closed. Wish it would bloom all year. 
Just looking across the back yard. All the lantana are getting really big and blooming. 
My weird little cactus is getting a new nub - it is about an inch and a half big. bottom left. 
Started a new puzzle. Watched a soccer game, well Bill did and I watched the NASCAR race. Liked the results of both. 
Talked to all of our sons.
Other than that not much going on over the weekend. Will meet the walking group in about a half hour, weather is finally a little cooler thank goodness. 

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