Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Walking even more.

Monday morning I went with the walking group. We started walking at 8:30 and walked around our community till 9:30 - well over 7200 steps. I ended up the day with 8500 steps. I was wiped out by the time I got home. It is just too hot and I don't do well in the heat. Ended up taking a two hour nap later in the day. Then of course I was up until almost 1:00. If we are going to continue walking we are going to have to get started earlier. Or I'm going to have to just walk alone. 

The temperatures here are going to be in the VERY high 90's later this week. Might even hit our first 100 of the year. 

Yesterday morning I asked Bill if he wanted to go for a walk - thinking he would say no. Much to my surprise he said yes, so we took a short walk in the Wetlands. It was already 8:30 and getting hot. At least there was a nice breeze. We got in 3,345 steps.Better than nothing. Just one of the very old trees out there. (Ended up with 8000 by end of day.)

Serene pond. Just turtles in it this morning. Then my camera battery died, forgot to put in new one. 
Finished another pair of earrings. For me again. Kind of the original design but using pale pink and silver beads. They are kind of ruffly cause the silver beads are a different size.  
Also finished another puzzle - this one was easy and the pieces were bigger. 
Watched the Golden Knights lose to Colorado last night, just out skated and scored. Still ahead in points though. One more game for them before playoffs, so still might end up leading the division. NASCAR Sunday was fun to watch. My driver even finally led some laps. One more lap and his total laps led in the Cup series will be 18,000. Most of active drivers. He blew a tire just before the 18,000 lap! Ended up finishing 3rd. Today Barcelona soccer team plays, they are only 2 points from leading the league and the championship. Hope they do good. Edit - they tied a game they should have won! Didn't deserve to win. 
Got a call from doctors office - change in  one of Bill's appointments. Instead of Friday in the morning on the south east side of town. It was 5:30 yesterday afternoon on the north west side of town. We said okay and managed to get there on time. So one test done. 
Going to be a hot one today - think our walking, for me any way, will be cut short. 

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