Saturday, May 8, 2021

More than 10,000

We've had a couple of busy days. On Thursday we had a home visit from a representative from our medical insurance. I guess once one reaches a "certain age" the insurance company likes to check things out. Like are we capable of taking care of ourselves and did we understand any medical conditions we have and if we knew why we were taking certain medications and how and when to take them. Rather interesting. I guess we passed inspection. Good to know we still have our act together. Just kidding. He told us that sometimes they find very confused seniors living alone. 

Yesterday morning again went with walking group. Got in just short of three miles before it got too hot to walk. So by the end of the day I'd racked up 11,600 steps! Today I'm being lazy - just walking around the house. 

Also yesterday we had appointments with the cardiologist. Our appointments were at 1:00 and we were done and leaving the office by 1:45. So glad there was no waiting in the waiting room involved. We are scheduled for echocardiograms and stress tests within the next few weeks. He does that every two years. Then we see him again on June 9th for results. Baring any unforeseen circumstances we'll be good to go for another couple of years. Surprised we are able to get things done so quickly. 

Went to a new Argentine restaurant we'd heard about on the way home and picked up some empanadas. They are delicious. They have a great menu so think we will be ordering from them quite often. 

Then home to watch NASCAR and the hockey team play.  And I finally finished the puzzle. Took me almost a week. 

Also doing more earring beading. I think I went overboard. Made these for me though - if I remember to use them.  Think I have enough?

These remind me of crocheted doilies. They are a little different then the original design because I made a mistake and didn't notice it until it was too late to undo it so had to continue with the mistake.  So they have a little different look. 
These don't have the outer row of beads, think I like them better. 
The original design when I was just learning. Every pair I made I learned more on how to do them. 
This morning just watched another NASCAR race while Bill was updating the software in a couple of his drones. Pretty much a lazy day.


SandyM said...

All your projects are so colorful, the earrings and the puzzle - the colors put you in a happy place. You do stay busy. Wish I had some of your talent.

Kathy Tycho said...

I'm impressed with your medical care and the fact that your insurance checks up on you. There are old people and then there are you and Bill, different things.I like the little mistake earrings!