Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Surprise when I went outside today.

 Yesterday we walked in The Wetlands again, over the whole day I got in 8000 steps. Tomorrow we walk again, but it is getting hot again, going to have a string of 95+ days. If it is too hot too early won't be doing much walking. 

Today I started another pair of earrings, this pair in shades of green. They are fun to do. Got one done, will work on the other one tomorrow. 

Sat and watched YouTube this afternoon - Watched " The Real World of Nomadland." Interviews with some of the people in the book and the author of the book. Interesting. About an hour long. She says the movie is quite different from the book. More fictional. 

I've been working on a puzzle for several days now. I think I have met my match. Getting very little done but not for lack of trying. I have a lot of groups of pieces together but no idea where they go in the puzzle. The picture is of ribbons and confetti - or something like that. And the picture I have is not the same layout as the puzzle.

My surprise? Walked out front a while ago and discovered the cactus we've had since we moved in was blooming. It has never bloomed before. 
Delicate pink/yellow flowers. I guess it likes the heat. 
And the Palo Verde is blooming like crazy. So pretty. And all the lantanas are getting BIG. There is one on the left bottom of the picture. 
Our son sent someone over to pick up our wool area rugs to take them and clean them. Really need that done. The living room looks so bare without them. 
Learned about QR codes today. Bill had to re-register some of his drones and the only way to get their serial numbers was with the QR code. Have never paid attention to them before. Couldn't even remember what they were called to get the app to read them. Luckily Google understood what I was asking. Got the app then had to figure out how to use the phone's camera to read them. Learn something new every day. 


SandyM said...

Cactus blooms are so pretty and usually so colorful - I enjoy your photos. Congrats on getting over 10,000 steps.

Carol and Bill said...

I like that the same plant can have a couple of different colored flowers on it.