Friday, June 25, 2021

I have been BUSY

I know that is no excuse but I've really been busy. A beautiful desert sunrise from a few days ago. The weather has continued to be well above 100, most days above 110 with no cooling at night. UGH.

A road runner came to visit. He was just standing int he middle of the yard, I watched him for a while, finally thought to go get the camera and of course when I got back to the window he had moved behind the plants. They are funny things. 
Another puzzle from the National Parks series I bought - this one took me over a week to finish. Really, really intense to do. Every piece looked the same. Some times I could find 7 or 8 pieces in a row before I got frustrated and stopped. Some times - nothing. 
I also made another pair of earrings - the colors of the Mexican flag. Will wear them this winter.  This is a fun pattern to make. 
In the room where we have the computers - Bill's desk sits right over the AC vent. And because the cool air blew out right under his desk, he blocked it off with a piece of wood. So that room, even with the ceiling fan running, gets pretty warm. Also it is on the west side of the house and get a lot of sun. So he took pity on me and got me my own personal very quiet and effective little fan. Has three speeds, no noise and feels soooooooo good. 
Yesterday was only in the 90's as was the day before - high 90's but under 100. We had a storm moving through. Looking out over the desert. 
And look towards the strip out front. We had about 30 minutes of solid thunder - reminded me of Indiana. But only got about 20 drops of rain. Lots of wind though. 
But check this out. This is a micro burst over The Strip. My girlfriend got over 1/2 inch of rain in Henderson - about 7 miles away from us. 
I mentioned we are going on a summer trip. I had made reservations at 1000 Trails campgrounds in Washington and on the coast of Oregon quite a while ago. Then our departure date changed several times due to waiting for prescriptions to be available. Finally got all that taken care of so started trying to make reservations...It took me a day and a half on the phone and internet to get the first half of the trip set up. Call after call to parks, who were full. Had to make a couple detours in our route to find places to stay. Also we don't want to do any long day driving so that added to the mess. Boy some of those RV parks are expensive now - amazing. So any way we are set - leaving here Wednesday and heading north. I was exhausted when I got it all done. I did get my Verizon data increased for our JetPack so hopefully if we do have a signal I'll be able to keep up the blog. 
Before it got light this morning Bill went over and brought the RV here to the house. Then he washed it. So I'll do a little loading and putting away today. So there won't be so much to do when we get ready to leave. 


Anonymous said...

You didn’t give any locations in Washington, but have you checked our weather forecasts? It’s going to be over 100, up to 108 in most everywhere this weekend, breaking all records! Wyoming might be better weather, it hasn’t gotten this crazy hot .

Janet said...

Excited to see where you are headed, safe travels.

Carol and Bill said...

I know it is hot in Washington right now. Hopefully by the time we get there it will at least be cooler than Vegas.
Janet - thanks. It looks like we might start out in the rain! - you might know one of the few days it rains in Nevada is our start day.