Friday, June 18, 2021


Got up at 4:30 and it was already 94 degrees out! There are a couple of fires burning just outside of town so the air is smokey. And today we might get thunder and lightening but no rain. Not good. 

I am not doing much that takes any effort so working on my National Parks puzzles. They are all turning out to be challenging. This one took about four or five days. Guess I didn't get the camera focused...
A magnificent sunset the other night. Really interesting clouds. I could feel the heat in the pavement through the soles of my shoes and it was 8:00
I noticed in the monthly activities pamphlet that they were going to have a couple of classes in "One Stroke Painting" sounded interesting so thought I go see. Well I forgot about it until about five minutes before it was to start. So threw on a clean shirt and some shoes dashed to the garage to get in the car and drive to the club house. Well crap. I forgot Bill had brought the Jeep out because the battery was dead and he was going to take it to get a new one. (He put the big charger on it to get it started.) When the garage door went up there sat the Jeep right behind my car. Nuts. First I thought I'll take the Jeep, then thought again - would it start up when I wanted to come home? So then I thought well I'll walk down there. Got about two blocks and turned around, just too hot for me to do it. When I got home I got to thinking about the painting. Years ago I took a class at JoAnns - I thought it was the same thing. So went digging in my craft closet and sure enough there were the paints, brushes and instructions. OKAY! Brought them out and started playing with them. I for sure can use some refreshment instructions. But here is some of my practice...I'm painting on clear plastic sheets. I can wash them off and reuse them a couple of times. 
Third or fourth time of practicing. Coming back a little. But if I remember next Friday they are having another class - so will go to it. 

Yesterday and today have been miserable out. The sky is a weird shade of yellowish brown and no breeze at all. Just heat and overcast sky.
This morning's sunrise. The color is from all the smoke and haze in the air. 
Not going outside at all. Working on another puzzles in the National Park series. It is of a sunset in Joshua Tree Park. HARD!!! Also beading earrings again. Anything I can do to keep busy without moving around. 
Tonight will be decision time with the TV all at the same time is a truck race, a soccer game and the hockey game. What to do???
Wednesday was Dennis birthday, he would have been 63. In my heart I think he met up with his wife Jennie, she died suddenly several years ago, and that theyhad a wonderful day. 


Ruth's Life is Good said...

WOW!! If I painted anything that gorgeous I would not be able to wash it away. Your talents are amazing!!

Carol and Bill said...

The painting is pretty easy - take a look at one of the videos for "one stroke painting" on line. What I think is hard is square dancing - I could never do that. Enjoy what you can is how I feel now days.

Anonymous said...

Daily High's in the 60's Eureka, Ca. and Brookings, Or.