Sunday, May 15, 2022

Catching Up a Bit

Going back a while. We've had a couple of doctor visits. I went to the foot doctor. Between the the ankle/arch cloth brace and the metatarsal pads my foot is not bothering me as much. In fact hasn't been hurting for a while. Still a little bother now and then. Can live with that. Still need to look into the shoes he recommended for me. More info on shoes - they are expensive to me any way - Oofos sandals. Found some on line I thought from Oofo web page, ordered them and discovered the order went somewhere else. Haven't heard any more about it. I did check stores here in Vegas but none any where in my size. Sure hope I get the ones I ordered. 

We both went to heart doctor. Both are fine, though he wants to run yearly stress and echo tests on both of us. Scheduled for first of next month. And I went to cataract doctor. Have decided not to do it yet. He says they are about a 5.5 in scale of 0 to 10. I'd still have to wear glasses for close - right now that is all I wear them for anyway. We went there on April 21, Bill is still waiting for his glasses! When making the lenses they forgot the prism. So have to redo them. We are into the 4th week of waiting. Last time we go there. 

I finally finished the last puzzle I was working on. 1000 pieces, it took me 12 days!!! Actually In about six days I finished every thing but the part on the bottom that I put the line around. Just that part took another six days alone. It was one of those puzzles where pieces that don't belong there fit any way. So until you realize the next piece won't fit and find the right piece....

Our AC is on the blink, repair person is supposed to come this afternoon. Luckily for the last couple of days it has been pretty cool here in Vegas. Only in low 70's. But by end of this week it will be in the low 100's. So hope it is an easy fix. Adding today. AC guy came, quick fix and all is well. Good thing it is supposed to hit 100 today. 

Had a very nice Mother's day. Heard from all sons. Youngest who lives here in Vegas came by for a visit. Bill cooked a great dinner. I took pictures of it but then discover I didn't have a memory card in the camera. First time I've ever forgot to put it back after cleaning it off. I made Shepherds Pie one night using ground turkey, and a variety of vegetables. It was pretty good. First time I've peeled potatoes in a long time. Last night for dinner I fixed a vegetarian, kind of meal. A salad with three kinds of low sodium canned beans and corn, cucumber - had to go to two grocery stores to find one - and it looked like it had been frozen when I cut into it. Cherry tomatoes, diced red onion and red pepper, cooked turkey bacon and two kinds of chopped lettuce. Also made the dressing. Pretty looking and good too. 

And welcome to reality. Both our very old toaster and coffee pot are only half working so decided to get new ones. I want only white, OMGosh! I think we only paid around $15/20 when we bought the old ones. Not fancy ones, just four slice toaster with wide slots and simple programmable coffee pot. New ones both cost $45/50. Ended up getting them on line - none in store - from Walmart. (The ones in the store were stainless or black or red and fancy do all kinds of things I wouldn't use.) Got free shipping and what I wanted. 40 - 50 dollars for simple items each!

Sunset last night and the almost full moon. Hope I remember the eclipse tonight.

Still working on catching up. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Lovely to hear from you Carol. Say hi to Bill!

Jackie McGuinness said...

We have had a very expensive month of breaking appliances. Still waiting on a dishwasher, supply chain issues.
John is pissed that his last puzzle was missing one piece.

Ruth's Life is Good said...

WOW, temperatures in the 70's in Las Vegas, sounds lovely. Here in Texas we have been setting records for heat. In our area it has been in the mid 90's. Glad you got the AC fixed.

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy - Not really too much to write about during the non traveling times. Just like every one else - doing daily chores. Bill says Hi back.
Jackie - Glad our breakdowns were minor. Even AC only needed a small park and covered under home warranty. Good luck with your dishwasher. Sitting in the ocean on a boat? I feel for John, have had the one piece missing a couple of times. Also have had two of one piece a couple of times, so someone else was missing one.
Ruth - The 70's only lasted one week, now we are above average at almost 100 yesterday and today 99's for rest of week and the wind is coming back. Like a blow dryer outside. AC has been on since before 8 a.m. No more walking for me unless we start REALLY early.

SandyM said...

I really like the sunset photo with the palm tree - beautiful. I like a “perk” coffee pot and after going through a couple of drip coffee pots I ordered an electric perk pot from Walmart. I liked using them in the RV’s as they take up far less room. So I have an eight cup perk pot and Rex has a small 6 cup drip pot. Each morning we both have coffee to our liking and that works for us!😊😊😊

I so enjoyed the post about your button can. When our little granddaughter stayed overnight a few weeks ago I introduced her to my button can. She was very entertained and using paper clips that she bent she left a note saying “homemade clip on buttons by Clara”. I still have the note so think I will put it my button can for next time.

Thank you for all you share with your readers.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - thank you for your comments. I remember playing with the buttons in the can when I was little. Does any one even have stashes of buttons any more.