Monday, May 2, 2022


New header is less than a mile behind our home. Hard to believe it is a picture of Las Vegas. A few more pictures in Wetlands from last walk there. Just surprised me there is an actual river right behind us. 

We went by the owls nest and discovered the little ones out of the nest up in the tree. Not a good picture but with the sun on him he was easy to see. Couldn't get a picture of the other one. 
Every time we go there more signs are up telling about the area. 

We came up behind this family walking. The little boy in the black was just strutting along.
New growth out of a burned area. 
And we discovered another new, to us, pond. 
Strange description or name for the big bridge. Then I looked closer - the D had been added to it by someone. To be truthful, I didn't notice that until I just looked at this picture!

I decided our grocery bill was just too high last month so now we will be eating out of the freezer and pantry. So I took out some Beyond Meat Italian Sausage, some spaghetti sauce Bill had made and a bag of sliced peppers and onions that I bought a while ago. Then some canned mushrooms,  a can of diced Italian flavor tomatoes and pasta out of the pantry and cooked everything together. Turned out pretty good. I sliced the sausage into 1/2 bites and cooked them first. 

 A lot of flowering plants grow well in Vegas, a pretty corner by the foot doctor. Both trees are covered with bright yellow flowers. 

    All of our plants are growing like crazy. These lantana are getting really big and pretty. 
My little bush is getting bigger and bigger, soon he will bloom. 
The back yard, trees is blooming lantanas are getting bigger every day and the Oleander is growing too. 
Bush under the tree has a couple of orange blooms on it. 
And the jasmine is covered with wonderful smelling flowers. When we open the back door the whole house smells of the plant. 
Even the cactus out front put out a flower with more to come. 
Inside I've put up my summer decorations, the stained glass sun catchers.
And table mats and summer flowers. You can see the puzzle takes up a lot of the table, good thing we put the extra leaf in it. 
Got in a couple of 9,000+ days Friday and today. But it is getting hotter earlier and earlier. Trying to convince other to walk earlier...This coming Friday it is supposed to be 96 degrees here - UGH!
Been working on my window, it is almost done. 


SandyM said...

Long time for you not to post so hope all is well. Really enjoy the pictures of the Wetlands.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - I just really don't have too much to post about and just being lazy.