Tuesday, May 10, 2022


Guess it has been a while since I posted, no reason except I didn't feel like posting. Will try to catch up a little now. Just took some peanut butter cookies out of the oven and put most of them in the freezer before I eat them all. Been working on losing weight since we got home. So far ten pounds. Enough that my clothes are getting big on me. 
This was a week or so ago. Bill working on cutting the zinc framing for the window. Yes it is done.

He helped me to put it on. Always scary to lift the glass without the frame.
Here is the finished window, it is actually in front of the regular window. Took the picture when the sun was coming in through it. Behind it you can see our wooden slat awnings outside. And no it actually is not crooked, just the only way to take a picture of it. 
The two windows together. I made the one on the right when we lived in Indiana. For any of you who have been in Mazatlan in the Panama restaurant you might recognize them. That is where I got the idea for them. 
The older window. Looking at them together I realize I have the horn off center, it should have been a tad higher. Oh well. See the two leaves and butterflies? The new one only has one butterfly.
The other day I was digging around in my sewing room looking for something when I came across these. This was my Mother's button box. When she was a very young woman she worked in Woolworth'.
Just for the heck of it I went on line to see what I could find about it. 

Oval Woolco Creamy Mints 1930’s Candy Tin from F.W Woolworth co New York – Candy Tins – Vintage Tins This is a fantastic candy tin from the 1930’s! The color is beautiful and the design is fantastic! This marvelous tin is a Woolco Creamy Mints Tin from the F W Woolworth Company in New York. 

Also checked about this little wooden needle holder that was inside the tin. 

Looked it up too. Interesting. 
Boye Needle was founded in 1906 when James H Boye and two businessmen from the sewing machine business joined forces. Boye Needle Co was launched with a patented, revolving cabinet called the "Rotary Case" which housed sewing machine needles, shuttles and bobbins suitable for a variety of home sewing machines. 
All the cacti are blooming now. Such pretty flowers. 
Even our cactus out front. This flower has a bee in it.Can just see his legs. 

Have continued to walk three times a week, been getting in over ten thousands steps those day. But soon it will be too hot for me to walk as late as the group walks. On last Friday it was a very warm day, only made about half the walk before I had to break off and come home. 
Will work on catching up. 


Anonymous said...

It’s lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anne - it published anonymously but this is Charity and we met you and Bill in Mexico.

Carol and Bill said...

Charity - thank you. Good to hear from you.

Barb said...

The horn looks perfectly centered to me! (and I am a little OCD!).